Sons of Anarchy Episode Commentary: ‘Playing With Monsters’

The latest episode of Sons of Anarchy brought the same plot lines that should have sparked even more trouble in Charming last week, but didn’t. “Playing With Monsters” continued with Jax setting up rival gangs against each other, but again, had little pay off.

This time, it was the Mayans and August Marks who stirred things up the most. Although it seems that Jax is enjoying this rampage he is on, he’s still laying the foundation for his bloddy conquest. He has a different look in his eyes. Regardless, this episode was the least enjoyable of all thus far. The majority of the time was spent with Jax pissing off more allies with his lies. By now Gemma’s secret should have been out, if not close. If this trend of Jax’s behavior that resembles a mad man with no direction continues, then the final episodes will become a sheer disappointment.

The secret that Gemma and Juice have locked up about Tara is slowly, but surely about to explode in their faces. When that time comes, is when this season will finally reach the level of excitement we have all waited for. For now, there are mostly repetitive action scenes and shoddy softcore porn scenes and not the gritty drama that stole our hearts.

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