Velocity 2X Review: Can’t Miss

The star that once brought life now brings death as it collapses into a black hole. Set in a cyber-futuristic setting in which survival is key, “Velocity 2X” is the second out of three free Vita titles PS+ subscribers get a crack at this month. Originally a Playstation Mini title, the game has since been revamped into a full-fledged PSN game with trophies and all.

“Velocity 2X” is cross-buy, so snagging the Vita version will also net you the PS4 one. Couple that with the cross-save feature and you can seamlessly transition from at home to on the go without losing any progress. It’s truly one of the best innovations Sony’s come up with in recent years.

The game combines classic shoot’em-up gameplay with puzzle elements, though it doesn’t really make you aware of the latter right off the bat. There are over 50 levels to play through, each growing more difficult than the last. Developer Futurlab has done a good job in creating levels that are genuinely challenging, rather than frustrating.

“Velocity 2X” is most probably this month’s hit for the Vita. The sleek futuristic visuals, the tight controls, the music, everything comes together to make a solid game worth playing. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

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