Review Fix Exclusive: Vince Russo Talks Future, Website

The former lead writer during the Attitude Era always had a knack for finding himself in the headlines. One of the most despised men in the business, Russo’s involvement in professional wrestling generated a ton of controversy. From his WWE departure in 1999 to his stints with WCW and TNA, Russo’s seen his name at the forefront of controversy for almost his entire career.

Now, Russo found a way to escape away from the tough and rouged lifestyle that comes with being entrenched within the wrestling business and do his own thing. With his website rapidly growing, Russo is happy to not have any restrictions to his creativity and writing.

“I love what I’m doing now,” said Russo. “I love the ability to write about anything I want, I love bringing on old friends and doing video interviews.”

Russo also sheds light on his appearance on at the FSW promotion on October 11th, how it came about and moreClick the Link Below to Listen in:

Review Fix Exclusive: Vince Russo Talks Future, Website

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