The Walking Dead Episode Commentary: “No Sanctuary”

Fans were in for a treat when the highly anticipated zombie drama “The Walking Dead” made its season five premiere. “No Sanctuary” gave us an in depth look at what Terminus and the people who ran it were all about. The outcome will absolutely terrify you.

The blood and guts were at an all time high and there were several scenes that were very squeamish. This episode overall was intense. There were several main characters who almost met their maker in the first ten minutes. Luckily for them, they had an expert ally come to their rescue and saved them in style. John Rambo would be very proud. This episode was an all-out blood bath and to say that there were many dull moments is an absolute understatement.

“No Sanctuary” had a different vibe than previous episodes. It felt like you were part of a horror movie experience, due to the way the episode was shot with several close ups and cut scenes.This episode was tough to watch at times. It was an episode that did not hold back any punches. There was one particular scene that involved Baby Judith- it had you look away from the screen, but at the same time, made you angry. Throughout most of this episode, Rick and group were in an all out war in Terminus. They had to fight off walkers and the savages who ran it to stay alive.

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