10 Flicks to Watch With Your Stereotypical Boyfriend

Chick flicks and ice-cream are not the first things that come to the mind of a guy hanging out with his girlfriend on a Saturday night. Before the weekend hits, the ladies have already put together a playlist of movies like “The Notebook” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. After already being held captive from being out with the fellas, the last thing they want to do is shed a tear for the end scene of “Titanic.” Here are some movies that won’t threaten their manhood:

10: Clueless, 1995: This comedy based off Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma, will always be a classic sensation for a ladies night that gives a burning urge for the guys to crash. After all, Alicia Silverstone is every guy’s secret crush in her lead role of the attractive, popular, yet superficial sweetheart Cher.

9: 50 First Dates, 2004: Since the first time Henry and Lucy meet in a local café, he is invited by Lucy to meet with her again the next day, only to find out that she has amnesia and has no recollection of who he is. Guys will show no resistance to this film once they see the heights Lucy’s family, friends, as well as Henry will go to cherish the memories of Lucy’s life.

8: She’s All That, 1999: This film goes on the list as one of the most popular teen-films of the 1990’s, and shows the perfect balance between a female’s role in a guy’s will to protect his pride. When Zack loses the challenge to turn Laney, a dorky, unpopular art student, into the Prom Queen within six weeks, he earns an honest relationship with Laney and the glorious end scene where he has to walk across stage butt naked at the graduation ceremony. The type of ending that any guy can awkwardly root for.

7: Love Jones, 1997: A realistic take on romance is presented through the relationship between Darius and Nina that involves: lust, being torn in between two lovers and denying what you truly want for the acceptance of others. Guys are not reluctant to sitting through this film because it offers a challenge for females and males, rather than just a superficial, fantasized view of love and relationships.

6: Brown Sugar, 2002: With every guy comes a female best friend whom they’ve known since their childhood and only looked past until realizing that they were in love the whole time. Guys watch this movie in awe when reminded of their childhood best friends, and the feeling of nostalgia that comes along with it.

5: Bridesmaids, 2011: Things start to spiral out of control when Annie Walker meets Helen, her fellow bridesmaid and friend of Lillian. The attempt of Annie to upstage Helen in planning the bridal party always ends in chaos. This movie gives non-stop laughter that leaves your guy no other choice but to let out.

4: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003: While Andie orchestrates classic deal-breakers woman make using Ben as a guinea pig to complete her project, Ben bets that he can make Andie fall in love with him. This romantic comedy draws you into the clever relationship between Ben and Andie, and makes it fun for ladies and your guy to watch as you both choose sides.

3: The Best Man, 1999: Whether you’ve watched this movie when it first premiered and watch it many more times again, you are presented with the same lesson and moral of the story. As the ladies admire the respect and passion the leading men have in their relationships with the women, guys admire the brotherhood and loyalty with each other. This film gives you a raw presentation of friendships, relationships and standards both men and women face, and guys are drawn to that.

2: Love and Basketball, 2000: Every guy, at some point, longed for the childhood relationship of Monica Wright and Quincy McCall that flourishes into their adulthood. Not only were Monica and Quincy next-door neighbors and best friends, they shared the same dream of pursuing a basketball career, which helped them to hold a strong bond. There’s a sense of innocence in this love story, followed by real life experiences that guys secretly desire.

1: Friends with Benefits, 2011: Bottom line, no guy can resist “FWB” relationships. This film is a twist on the classic hook-ups turned love interest, as all romance movies have happy endings. Watching the sex scenes filled with passion and quirky puns is indeed enjoyable for guys to watch, and even though they won’t admit, the “player” jersey isn’t worn for a lifetime.

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