Review Fix Exclusive: Docman Talks ’New Hyghts’

Review Fix chats with rapper Maurice “Docman” Robinson, who discusses his upcoming album “New Hyghts,” a tale of his life from his childhood in Arizona and Long Island and his travels and life struggles in Houston, Texas. A natural storyteller, the young performer is directly influenced by legends Mos Def and Common.

Review Fix: What inspires you to perform?

Docman: The feeling of connecting with people through something that helps me connect with people I’ve lost. Im a deep person and everything I do have a reason behind. Not just to make money, but a deeper meaning. When I perform I feel like I enter each and every person’s life as I look into the crowd. I see how they take my music different and how it affects them. It is like poetry.

Review Fix: Make makes you different from other artists?

Docman: The thing that makes me different from other artist is that I have a plan with this rap stuff. From beginning to end I know how I want this story to go. I’m not here to be cool and make a lot of money (even though that is a part of it) I feel like I’m here to touch people that don’t have a voice in society because they are looked over by the more popular people. I feel like most of these rap niggaz are here just to be cool and that is why they don’t last. There music isn’t true to who they are.

Review Fix: What did you grow up listening to? How has it affected your creativity?

Docman: I grew up listening to Tupac and from the previous questions you can see how it affected me. I like to study deep thinkers. On my album I have this track called “Intelligence is Beautiful.” The track is my version of “Brenda’s got a Baby” or “Young Niggaz” by Tupac. It talks about exactly how I feel; you don’t have to dumb down and be ignorant to life to be loved. All the top sellers of all time, listen to there biggest hits and you will see that it is about something that is true to them.

Review Fix: Where do you expect to be in a few years?

Docman: In a few years I expect to have a very huge following of loyal followers that believe what I am doing is right. If that is a strong 1000 so be it. Rich or not give me that strong 1000 then I have an army to reach a greater audience.

Review Fix: What do you do when you’re not performing?

Docman: I am currently a student at Texas Southern University studying Accounting. And also I am a member of the debate team. So my plate is constantly full. I also have my own label Empier Entertainment and I also manage their careers so I really have to schedule everything for everything to work.

Review Fix: Tell us about a song of yours that you feel connects the most to your audience. What is it about. How was it written?

Docman: There is a song on my album called No Help and I feel like everyone would relate to this, because everyone has been in that situation to where they felt like they could get no one to help them. The song was written off of anger. While me and my label were prepping for the release of our last effort Trade It All, I was the only one trying to make the album work. Doing things to make an album a little bit successful can be very stressful. No Help was the first track I made for New Hyghts.

Review Fix: What is your creative process like?

Docman: I like to write my songs when I’m alone and I can think. When I start to thinking that’s when events in my life come to the table and my words become potent.

Review Fix: How do you want to affect your audience?

Docman: I want my audience to accept me as a part of their families. I want my music to touch people so much to the point its like I’ve been through everything they’ve been through and I could walk in they house and have dinner with them. My music is real music and if you decide to give it a chance then it can possibly get you through dark nights to see brighter days. Hold on, be strong. Know when it’s on, it’s on.

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