Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way Review: Insanely Funny

Bill Burr’s new stand up special; “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” is a laugh riot.

Burr is known for his honest antics and current topics in today’s society. The way he tells a story along with his subtle hints throughout the joke makes him one of the funniest comedians in the game.

What is cool about this special is that it is shot in Black and White. Burr discusses current topics such as domestic violence, gun laws marriage etc. There were several jokes that stood out in this special because of how Burr delivered them. One of which had to do with a grown man screaming like a woman because of massive turbulence that took place on an airplane. Burr also touches on guns and how he prefers to use a 22. Rifle instead of the larger caliber weapon. His argument, while hilarious, as he incorporates an example of a robbery, also makes sense. Burr also tells a funny story about a man who had the courage to commit suicide by jumping out of a helicopter because he was terminally ill. The concept of the story is absolutely awful, but when Burr’s story about the man concludes, it will make you laugh so hard your eyes will be filled with tears.

What is great about this special is that Burr discusses real life topics and how he handles them. He talks about how he recently got married along with several stories about how he and his wife would fight. His theory is for men to stand their ground. He also has a bit about adoption and how he feels left out that his friends all have kids and he is like the big baby when his friends turn to him to start a discussion. Burr’s take on adoption was absolutely hysterical. He mentions adopting a seven-year-old kid from a sweatshop and a kid who was born into the military. His theory about adopting them at a certain age draws many laughs.

There were several sensitive topics that Burr touched upon. One of them was religion. While Burr grew up a Catholic, his reasons for abandoning his religion are told only the in the way Bill Burr can. Now that he doesn’t follow any religion, he is a free agent. The way Burr gets into detail and has you focused on what he says throughout his joke is genius because although there are people who would have a different point of view and disagree with his theories, he does make valid points and make you think differently on several aspects of how life is lived today. What is special about Burr is that he makes fun of himself as he delivers his jokes and successfully so delivers plenty of laughs.

Overall, this special was great. What was a little over an hour, felt like thirty minutes of nonstop laughter. It’s like that old expression, “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun,” and there was plenty of fun that took place. Burr delivers a knock-out and shot from a 22 that will have your ears ringing long after you fire it.

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