Hell’s Kitchen Season Coverage: The Final Six

The final six chefs are cooking steaks from Omaha and camping like the wealthy in a two hour edition of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

The first hour started with the chefs going to an empty parking lot. There, Ramsay pointed to a billboard and told the chefs that the winner of the day’s challenge will be the official spokesperson for “Omaha Steaks.” The challenge was for each chef to make a steak dish that will be part of “Omaha Steaks” ad campaign. Now that is a big deal. Their dish would also appear on the menu that night

To help with the tasting were the owners of “Omaha Steaks” Bruce and Todd Simon. One thing they did was choose the top three dishes based on visual. This seemed a bit unfair in many ways. The top three were Roe, Santos and Sade. Roe won with her “his and hers” plate (filet mignon and ribeye.” Her reward was a photo shoot and a $1,000 shopping spree at ‘Surfas.” She also got to see her face on the billboard Ramsay told the chefs about.

The other chefs had to butcher a 200 pound side of beef. Of course, there were the usual Fred Flintstone remarks about the size of the pieces. Bryant wanted none of it and decided to prep.

At dinner service Ramsay said that the chefs would go up against another team of chefs. They were Sous chefs Andi and James and Gordon Ramsay himself. This is about as fair as Andre the Giant going up against three midget wrestlers. It also tuned out that way, too. It was pretty funny seeing Andi and James doing camera reactions like they were contestants.

The chefs themselves had some speed bumps. La Tasha started by cooking raw lobster tail. She would then overcook scallops which at this point is sad. Santos also put too much black peeper in a salad. At entrees, Roe undercooked her own winning dish. This was for the “Omaha Steaks” owners, no less. They were even asking if they can share while they wait. Not to mention Ramsay’s team was finished when the chef’s had five tickets left.

At elimination the chefs nominated Roe and Santos with Santos getting eliminated. Meaning Bryant is the only male competitor left.

In the second hour the chefs were once again sent on a trip. This time it was to a camping ground. Only difference here is that they are camping but glamping which is a glamorous form of camping. That’s an oxymoron since if you’ve ever been camping you’d know there’s nothing glamorous about it.

The challenge was to create a family style dish for the glampers. After that the glampers will vote for their favorite dish. The dish with the most votes won. That dish belonged to Bryant. His award was glamping at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. He was also allowed to take someone with him and she chose Sade.

The others had to struggle through recycling day picking up dog poop. The worst wasn’t the dog poop but “Hell’s Kitchen” recycling. There were maggots in those bags. All three women almost threw up with La Tasha coming the closest.

This episode’s dinner service also had a ton of speed bumps. It started with Roe bringing up raw lobster tail. Bryant would then bring up an under-seasoned and watery salad. Jennifer would then put up halibut without the garnish. Ramsay gave her a good talking to. These kinds of mistakes should not happen at this point. At least La Tasha was working on every station like, according to Sade, “a ninja.” Later, Roe had a ton of trouble with garnish. Her garnish was constantly under-seasoned. Sade, underestimating Ramsay, brought up a raw lamb expecting Ramsay to not notice. He, of course, did.

The chefs that were chosen for elimination were Roe and Jennifer with Roe getting eliminated.

This show is almost at the finale and it looks like FOX wants to get it over and done it. Santos and Roe leaving were two of the best things to happen on this show. It’s starting to look like Bryant might win this year with Jennifer coming in second. Of course, La Tasha had as much of a good chance as Jennifer.

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