Mike Tyson ‘Undisputed Truth’ Review: An Inside Look at Iron-Mike

Mike Tyson’s story discovers the many paths of his life as “Undisputed Truth” is a tell-all memoir from “Iron Mike” himself, from childhood to adult hood, the many battles, struggles and demons he has encountered in his life. This book is not only a fantastic read, it is also an addiction that makes you want to continue the Journey of Mike’s crazy life and not put it down.

“Undisputed Truth” is written by both Tyson and Larry Sloman. The book starts with Tyson’s childhood. From the streets of Brownsville Brooklyn, Tyson was a shy timid kid who got bullied. He was also a thief who ran with the wrong crowd. Tyson’s home life was no walk in the park either. Tyson had a strict mom who was a bad influence on him. He mentioned stories about her that involved parties over her apartment which involved drugs, gambling and prostitution. However, Tyson was no angel either.

Tyson talks about his past relationships with his ex-wives, including Robin Givens. Tyson claims that the rape allegations against him were false and that Givens and her mother were both gold diggers. Tyson’s stories related to Givens also included celebrity encounters of the likes of Keenan Ivory Wayans, Brad Pitt, etc. The story about Brad Pitt that Tyson mentions is an absolute highlight of the entire book. Tyson also discusses his situation that took place with Desiree Washington as well. Tyson then talks about his illustrious boxing career that involved his first trainer, father figure and man responsible for creating Iron Mike Tyson, Cus D’Amato. Tyson describes Cus as the father he never had. Tyson’s ferocity and arrogance is due to D’Amato’s encouragement to be the most dangerous man not only in the ring, but on the planet.

Tyson was not always the tough kid growing up though. His shyness and insecurity always got the best of him, until one day when he had his first street fight with a bully. After the encouragement from his friends during Tyson’s very first fight as a kid, he never looked back and enjoyed the feeling of fighting. That is one of the main reasons he got into boxing. From then on, Tyson’s roller coaster journey took off and he became one of the most feared fighters to ever enter the ring.

Tyson also discusses his wild party nights he would spend in Vegas, LA and other parts of the world. His life took massive spirals after he discovered sex and drugs, the two most addicting vices in his world. Tyson would always get into trouble with women due to the fact that he was a convicted rapist and there were women out there who wanted to make money off of him. As a result, he was constantly getting sued. Tyson had several stints in jail and would be in and out of rehab throughout his 20s and 30s. Tyson also breaks down his drama with Lennox Lewis and the famous ear biting of Evander Holyfield were due to the excessive use of cocaine. Tyson makes it very clear in this book that at those times, he was a full blown sex and drug addict as well as an alcoholic.

Tyson does go through many struggles throughout his life. His insecurity is a big reason why. That is why he turned to sex, drugs and alcohol, to block out the many aspects of himself that he hated. Mike Tyson did not love himself and therefore he destroyed himself and his life for it. Tyson blames his mom and the loss from his close friends, trainer D’Amato and his daughter for falling off of the wagon many times in his life. While Tyson did have a roller coaster of a life his story ends on a positive note which makes this book that much more compelling.

After all the antics and narcissism from Tyson, he has finally decided to settle down and be happy. He married a woman who stuck by side throughout his ups and downs and although he no longer fights, he keeps himself busy as a boxing promoter, author and actor. Through all of the pain and misery Tyson spills in this book, it is nice to see that he has finally found peace with himself.

“Undisputed Truth” is an absolute knockout. The journey of Mike Tyson’s life will make you think and question the ups and downs that one goes through to finally reach his paradise. Although it took Tyson a long time to discover his true self, he made the ultimate decision to help himself and the best part about it is that his life continues to flourish and he is off to bigger and better things.

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