The Heart, She Holler Coverage: Crack, Staples and Genitals

The birth of a worm, an attempt to staple back genitals and the inhalation of blood, these and much more are packed into the season three premiere of “The Heart, She Holler.”

“In Meatro” takes us back to the Holler after the events of season two, Hulan (Patton Oswalt) is quite calm holding his manhood in his hand talking with Hoss in the TV about stapling it back where it belongs, but that is just the beginning of the madness. With his babymaker in his hand, Hurlan is asked to rob a sperm bank where Hoss has some old sperm stocked up. Hurlan being the only innocent in the Holler (the bar for innocence really isn’t that high here) can’t muster up the courage to rob a (sperm) bank, his all knowing father suggests he go into his drawer and take a hit of the most powerful substance in the Holler, pure uncut blood of a black man that will instill the courage he needs to rob the bank. Hurlan being Hurlan blows instead of inhaling and must pursue the flying sphere of blood throughout the Holler.

While Hurlan tries to find red liquid courage, Sheriff, played by “30 Rock” actor Scott Adsit replacing Joseph Sikora, is informed by his wife Hambrosia (Heather Lawless) that Meemaw (Judith Roberts) believes it is time she had a baby. Sheriff is excited to hear they are going the surrogate route with Hambrosia’s sister, Hurshe, but much to his dismay it will be surgically done. After what is probably the strangest artificial insemination ever conceived, Hurshe gives birth to a glowing worm, which she of course exploits and stars selling the baby worm’s glowing love instead of hers.

With dreams of buying a singing bass, Hurshe has no intentions of giving the baby to her sister. As this happens—is trying to capture the black man’s blood with a trap that consists of grape soda, fried chicken and watermelon, really the only way to lure in some blood in the Holler—cut back to Hurshe, as she now has a house filled with singing basses.

This new love she is slanging is all the rage in the Holler, until it is stolen by Hambrosia—her excitement about raising the baby right is short-lived, when Sheriff walks in and she hides the baby in a pot that he immediately cranks up the heat on that is later eaten by Hurshe—because nothing does not get eaten in the Holler, the meal is subsequently diarrhea’d out at Hurshe’s home.

Now, after all this madness—Hurlan has given up his search of that courage he needs, but as soon as he gives up, there is the black man’s blood staring him in the face…with a knife sticking Hurlan up. Switch to Hambrosia talking to Meemaw – who is explaining her inexplicable mortality, and the impossible reality of the Holler, Hambrosia quickly realizes that her baby is Meemaw’s vessel—as soon as this revelation hits Hambrosia, a butterfly with confederate flag wings emerges from Hershee’s toilet, warning of the Comening.

The season three opener of “The Heart, She Holler” was exactly what fans have come to expect from the horrifically hilarious Adult Swim series. It’s hard not to break out laughing when Hoss casually asks Hurshe to get his crack pipe from the desk—it is also extremely difficult to not marvel at the dialogue, which is unique in the sense that the writers have crafted a language that can only exist in the Holler. It’ll be interesting to see as the calamity known as the Comening begins to unfold this season and what gore filled shenanigans it’ll put the people of the Holler in.

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