10 Tweaks for Your Jail-Broken iPhone

It won’t take long for any iPhone user to become extremely bored with the basic IOS interface. Luckily, jailbreaking is a sure way around this, as developers provide a wide array of customization features for every iPhone.

Here are ten tweaks, (add-ons/apps), on the Jailbreaking platform, Cydia, that’ll get you the most out of your iPhone.

10: Flurry – free: A simple tweak, Flurry changes the control center and notification center giving it, a nice transparent look. It adds to the sleek design of your screen and isn’t bad on the eyes either. Developed by dantesieg, this minimalist tweak is free.

9: biteSMS – free: Developed by biteSMS, this free app gives you the most control over your built in messaging app. Change the message centers background, the shape of contacts pictures, your sent and received message width. It overalls adds many very nice effects that do not interfere and affect the massaging experience, only enhance it.

8: UberControls – free: UberControls is a time saver tweak you’ll need every time you make changes or install a new tweak. It allows you to essentially refresh, or respring as it’s called, your phone.You only need to hold down the lock button and the slider to resping is there. It simply looks like it is shutting off but is only restarting with the now updated and installed settings. With this app you wont need to go into your settings and shuffle through all of you settings. Developed by Noelil, this tweak is free.

7: OSLite8 – free: It’s no secret that when you get an iPhone, iPod, iPad, you’re paying for less GB than you think. After a while you will see 3 or more GB ends up being used up by “other”. Developed by BigBoss, OSLite8 helps to clear up what many presume to be a part of the “other” for free. Temporary files, caches, among others (pun intended).

6: Alkaline- free: For those who want to go the extra step, Alkaline is a free tweak, developed by ModMyi, that allows you to change the symbols in the status bar all the way up top. You can alter the battery, wifi, and data symbols to any of the symbols that come with Alkaline, from the Batman symbol, to just simple vertical bars.

5: f.lux – free: For the night time phone users, developed by F.lux Software LLC, this tweak changes the color of your phones screen light during whatever time of day you set it to, automatically. For Free, this tweak is major because it saves you from staring at your highly lit blue screen in the middle of the night. Instead you’re gazing into a nice warm orange hue. It’s much easier on our eye health in the long run, which is reason enough.

4: Homescreen Designer – $1.99: With this tweak you have the utmost unique control over the placing of your homepage apps. Developed by BigBoss for $1.99, you have full control over the placement of your homepage apps. One app all by itself and five on the bottom, or vice versa, you have full control.

3: BytaFont 2.3 – free: Developed by ModMyi, BytaFont 2.3 is a free and very simple tweak for your phone. It’s one function is to change the font on your iPhone, system wide. Simple, yet so important. The standard iPhone font can be difficult to see and more so, unappealing. Distress no more, from over the top fancy to downright simple, there are tons of fonts to fit your unique personality.

2: Springtomize 3 – $1.99:
Developed by Filippo Bigarella, this tweak basically has the functions of several other popular tweaks all rolled into one easy to use system. There is a $1.99 cost for this tweak, however there is a free version floating around. It’s many popular functions are among increasing the number and size of apps on your homescreen, complete dock and control center control, full customization of the lock screen, home screen page animations, with even more. A must have tweak.

1:Winterboard – free: Possibly the most standard and essential tweak every jailbroken phone should have. Tired of the boring, bold, icons, wallpapers, and themes? For free you can completely alter your phones look. Winterboard gives you the platform to install any theme you can find. There are transparent themes and icons for the minimalist lovers. Pastel for the grunge type. You can even change the look and function of the Control Center icons. All these themes can be found in the Cydia store, and can be installed through Winterboard. Developed by Jay Freeman (Saurik)  this is a must have tweak for jailbroken iPhones.

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