DVD Review: ECCW Halloween Hell 2009: Early Emma, Scotty Mac Shine in Mediocre Show

It is no secret that professional wrestling always used props, costumes and over the top acting to achieve both response and reaction from audiences alike. It is also an insult to the intelligence of fans and people alike to portray the ability of not having any. Therefore, the upstart ECCW promotions Halloween Hell 2009 show may not be for you.

From the very onset of the show, it is difficult to devote your undivided attention. With the Halloween theme to the show, many of the promotions wrestlers wore costumes ranging from current WWE superstars to flamboyant strippers. The first half hour of the show contained way too many theatrics and not enough wrestling.

The first actual match of the night saw the battle royals winner, Tony Baroni square off against high-flyer Memphis. The match was very sloppy, contained no rhythm and a lot of the moves seemed to be barely grazing the opponent. Pro wrestling isn’t supposed to see wrestlers injure somebody purposely, but it’s supposed to at least look believable.

One of the lone highlights of the show was the womens match, featuring the ECCW SuperGirls champion, Tenille Tayla defending against Veronika Vice. A great, gritty and tough performance from two talented ladies. Tayla is more famously known in the WWE as Emma. She definitely showed why she made this far in her career as she showed great ability with her charisma and athleticism.

Up next, we had a NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight championship match with a man named Azeem The Dream retaining his title against Gurv Sihra. A lot of flying around, but sloppy flying around.

This is where confusion sets in, a slender man with a unique look by the name of Dropkick Murphy defeating a deranged but menacing Bishop. However, two matches later, Bishop wins the promotions hardcore title in a huge calamity.

The Halloween theme didn’t end with the opening battle royal as a casket match took place, pitting the intimidating Cremator, a fitting name for a wrestler in a casket match, against the slender jumping bean El Phantasmo. The match contained violent weapons and the evisceration of El Phantasmo. Not a whole lot of wrestling going on.

With the main event near, the second to last match was the NWA ECCW title match which saw Artemis Spencer defeat Billy Suede in the ultimate battle of slender men. Neither man an imposing physical specimen, this match was one of the better ones on the card, although still lacking in various areas. Both men seemed comfortable working with each other but it’s obvious that they still need polishing.

Finally, in the main event, the promotions top wrestler, Scotty Mac defended and retained his NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title against Sid Sylum inside of a steel cage. Without a doubt, the main event delivered and both men put on a great show. The match featured great mixture of brawling, wrestling, cage shenanigans and overall wrestling. Scotty Mac is a popular name on the independents, so it’s no surprise that he would have the match of the night.

Overall, the Halloween Hell 2009 pay-per-view ended up as a monumental let down. Despite the strong main event, one good match cannot salvage an entire card. Therefore, if you’re looking for a well rounded wrestling show with a roster of capable wrestlers, ECCW’s Halloween Hell may not be for you.

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