‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ Sneak Peek

The Monster Hunter series is back with more monsters to hunted and loot to be collected.

Hunting monsters in “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” is as fun as ever thanks to the new ability to grab on to monsters and attack them in the arm. Combat feels more fluid and is very intense. The monsters do not go down without a fight and will retreat to their nests to rest in order to stay alive.

The game starts off with over 10 different weapon classes such as dual swords, lance and sword and shield and long range classes such as bow gun and bow. Each class has a different play style to master and can change the game experience. Dual swords is faster but lacks the longer range of the lance. Strategies for hunting monsters must be changed according to what class you play as. Two new weapon classes include the charge axe and insect glaive.

“Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” is the first game in the series to allow full online play on a handheld console. Capcom added many features to encourage online play such as the new “Guild Quest” system. Players can now go on multiplayer missions and trade loot with one another.

“Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” will be exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo fans will be able to use equipment from their favorite franchises such as the “Legend of Zelda” and “Metroid.” Another cross over just announced at New York City Comic Con in the inclusion of Mega Man armor and the Rush hammer.

Fans can look forward to hunting and crafting early 2015 on their Nintendo 3DS.

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