Review Fix Exclusive: Geoff McBride Talks ‘Journey to the Soul’

Review Fix chats with “The Voice” alum Geoff McBride, who discusses his new album, “Journey to the Soul,” as well as his creative process and goals for the future.

Review Fix: What makes “Journey to the Soul” a special album?

Geoff McBride: I wanted to do an album with songs that meant something to me and give my own personal spin on them, especially, “At Last.”

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

McBride: To find songs that fit, not just an album, but the message I am trying to convey.  This album ended up not having songs that I wrote on it, but we hand picked each one.  I have a number of songs that I have written that I cannot wait to release on upcoming albums.

For writing music, I hear, see or experience something that catches my attention and the song develops from there.  Sometimes it’s quick and will just take a day or two to write and other times, it develops over time.

Review Fix: When did you make the decision to dedicate your life to music?

McBride: Music has always been a part of my life from the beginning.  I don’t remember ever making a decision.  Music was just always there.

Review Fix: What was it like to work with Trammell Starks?

McBride: Making the album with Trammell was an effortless process.  It was very relaxed and flowed easily.  Trammel is an incredibly talented music producer.

Review Fix: What makes you different from other artists?

McBride: There’s really nothing that makes me different from other artists.  We are all one, but with different creative expressions.

Review Fix: How did being on “The Voice” help you as a performer?

McBride: “The Voice” was wonderful exposure for me.  I had been performing locally for a number of years and it helped me broaden my audience a great deal.  I am grateful for the experience.

Review Fix: How do you want this album to affect people?

McBride: I would like this album to affect people in a healing manner.  It is about hope, love, never giving up.  I love the song “Try” because it is about always keeping your head up and moving forward.

Review Fix: We’ve all heard you sing “What’s Goin’ On” and “Drift Away,” but is there another song you’d love to cover? Why? What’s your connection to it?

McBride: I would love to cover Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran.  I love the soul that they put into their music.
Review Fix: What’s next for you?

McBride: I am working on putting together an album of all original songs, more along the lines of bluesy, Americana.  It will be in a totally different direction because I love many genres of music.

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