Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Bye Bye Brendan

Hogs, raw chicken and ex-girlfriends were what’s on the menu in this week’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Things could only get better from here.

The day’s challenge started off outside of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Here, Ramsay told the chefs they would be cooking lunch for people he admired and put their lives of the line every day. If you watch this show enough you’d know it’s either firefighters, EMTs, police officers or soldiers. Sure enough, it was firefighters and firefighters on motorcycles. They were the “LA Firehogs” and “Leatherheads,” retired and active firefighters turned bikers who do charities. Now that is an awesome idea.

Lunch service went well, but of course not well enough. The fried chicken was the biggest problem. T made a few raw fried chickens, as did Milly. Of course, this caused delays and, since these ARE bikers, they got rowdy.

The Blue finished first and won the challenge. Their reward was “Malibu Wine Safari” in Malibu followed by lunch. A one in a million occurrence happened when the waitress serving the Blue turned out to be Nick’s ex-girlfriend back when “he was straight.” At least she gave him a hug which was nice.

The Red Team needed hugs because they spent the day detailing fire trucks and lollipoping chicken wings. Meghan had enough and told the entire team she’s put herself up for elimination so she can “stop being embarrassed.” Ramsay later had to give her a pep talk.

That pep talk may have helped a little too much during dinner service, but things did go well that night.

On the Red team, Christine made an underseasoned risotto that was also crunchy. Meghan also took this service as an opportunity to take control. As with others who have done this on this show, the other teammates felt this was more annoying than anything else. Despite that, the Red finally finished a dinner service.

On the Blue team, Nick started off with overcooking scallops. He kept overcooking them because the pan wasn’t hot enough. Ramsay had to even tell him. At entrees Brendan made two raw salmons. Raw seemed to be the theme of the night because Josh later brought up a raw Wellington. Two more raw halibuts and a raw lamb caused Ramsay to throw out Brendan, Nick and Josh. The Blue did manage to finish.

The Blue Team had to choose two people for elimination. They chose Brendan and Nick with Brendan getting eliminated.

The Blue finally won a challenge and the Red finally won a dinner service. It gets old seeing the same outcome over and over again. It was only a matter of time before Brendan got eliminated. Meghan’s frustration is understandable, but she needs to calm down a bit. Overall, another strong episode.

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