Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Star-Studded

It was an alcohol soaked, celebrity-filled episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” one where these chefs had to cook for everyone from a great comedian to a sitcom nerd.

On this week’s episode, the chefs had to cook a dish using an alcohol of their choice. Each team had to make one dish using beer, wine and liquor. To help them choose which alcohol to use were two esteemed bartenders: “Hell’s Kitchen’s” own sommelier Marino and from the 1980s TV show “Cheers” John Ratzenberger. You can’t get any better than Cliff, Ramsay.

At tasting Marino and Ratzenberger helped out with the judging. Ramsay said they would only taste one dish from each category. Michelle (the only Red Team member to use beer) did a courageous move by making a soufflé. She did rack up 11 points for the Red which is amazing considering how hard soufflés are to make. In fact, everyone did well averaging three or four points from each judge. The entire time the Blue only trailed by one point and won by one point with a score of 31-30.

It has to be said that Ratzenberger was his usual funny self throughout. “This would make a good breakfast dish” and “save me the bone” were the two highlights.

The Blue’s reward was roller-skating at the “Moonlight Rollerway and lunch at “Golden Road Brewery.” More beer for the Blue, huh? They also wore wigs, sunglasses and other accessories while roller skating. They looked like something from a typical 1970s teen movie with those things on.

The Red had to spend the day doing “a long laundry list of tasks” that included steaming glasses and ironing and starching table cloths. T decided to have a little fun by making fun of how Michelle sounds when she’s bossy. She said she sounds like a Chihuahua. T even made small dog noises whenever Michelle spoke.

It was this episode where we get a competition ending injury. Bret, already suffered from a slipped disk, had it pinching on his sciatic nerve (ow!) Sure enough, Ramsay told Bret he had to leave and take care of himself. Too bad, he had potential.

With that, it was time for dinner service. This service was gastropub night with chefs tables. In the Blue team, it was actor/comedian Fred Willard and the Red had Steve Urkel himself Jaleel White.

In the Red, team, Christine showed how well she does when there’s a large order. That is, not able to remember one item in the list. She was supposed to make two mussels but instead made one. At entrees, Ramsay yelled at Michelle because she brought up Alison’s raw lamb without telling her it was still raw. They did finish dinner service.

The Blue’s main problem was communication. It started with the first order when Randy put up scallops before Josh was ready with his risottos. Randy would continue this streak by bringing up fish and chips ahead of the other dishes. This type of communication breakdown should be gone by this point. Not to mention Randy brought up an overcooked fish when the last two he made were perfect. Ramsay had to take Randy and Adam to the back to have a little talk. Even after that everything crashed and burned when it came to the chefs table. Adam overcooked Fred Willard’s lamb and then undercooked it. One soggy fish later and the entire Blue Team was kicked out. The Red Team has to finish for them.

At elimination, the Blue chose Randy and Adam. Ramsay also wanted a word with Josh. Adam got eliminated.

The Blue Team really crapped the bed this dinner service. They were on a roll and then they blew it. Seeing anyone leave because of injury is always a terrible thing. And it’s always someone who has a chance to win. Bret will be missed because he has the potential to make it to the Black Jackets.

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