‘Spring Heeled Jack’ Issue 2 Review: The Coming Dusk

Continuing right from where they left off, Tony Deans and Martha Laverick continue their spine-tingling path of terror through London in the second issue of “Spring Heeled Jack.” Deans continues a slow build up towards the inevitable showdown between the duo of Bell and Coyle and the mysterious murderer Spring Heeled Jack. While not too terribly much is added exposition-wise, this is only the second issue, and it still holds the attention.

Starting off with a gruesome bang with blood splatter galore, this issue sees Doyle and Bell continuing to attempt to sniff out Jack’s trail, but he’s not their only adversary it seems. The royal throne itself appears to be involved in some shady business itself, serving to thicken the plot. The two gumshoes stumble across the scene the first issue ended on, with the discovery of the mangled bodies of the hapless women…and the mystery only deepens.

Three shots rang. Three shots landed. But only two people bled that night.

The artwork stylings of Laverick come more into play in setting the mood and showing the clash between the duo and Jack. The duo is bathed in light pastels and almost anglicized anime-style artwork, whereas Jack is cloaked in shadows, dark hues of blue and black. The fiery red of Jack’s eyes burn into your very soul and make you pull the covers up just a bit. The format of the comic continues to work well for the speed of the story. It’s brooding when it needs tension, and quick when a fast pace is required. It’s a solid balance.

All in all, this continues to shape up to be a promising series. Gothic, stylish and spooky, hopefully, it stays on course and continues to improve.

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