WOW Caged Aggression Review: High Flying Excitement

Warriors of Wrestling returned with “Caged Aggression” at the Fun Station in Staten Island New York. The rising in popularity premier promotion has been red hot lately and doesn’t seem to be slowing down after once again putting on an excellent show. With a vicious steel cage match on the card plus a main event featuring former WWE superstar Paul London, the stage was set for an exciting show.


Team Torment (Jack Gallows and Jason Cross w/ Juba) vs. Jasin Karloff (Heavyweight title steel cage match): Opening the event was the current Warriors of Wrestling Heavyweight champions Team Torment defending their title against Jasin Karloff in a steel cage match. Team Torment tried to ambush Karloff outside before the cage was locked. Karloff fought off all three men and was able to isolated Gallows in the ring which allowed him time to lock the other two out. After Karloff pummeled Gallows for a while, Karloff turned his attention over to Cross who was attempting to enter the cage via climbing the over the top. While Karloff was focused on Cross, Juba tossed a led pipe over the cage to Gallows, which he used to get the advantage and finally unlocked the cage. Cross entered the cage with the steel chain used to lock the cage door and used it to work on Karloff. Karloff finally got an advantage after countering Cross’ powerbomb attempt with a low blow and followed that up with a front suplex on Gallows onto a chair. Karloff went to escape through the door, but Juba who was fighting Joey B who came out as an equalizer for the numbers advantage, was launched him head first into the cage door laying Karloff out. Gallows took advantage by giving Karloff a bridging German Suplex for the pinfall victory.

J Jorge vs. Jason Nevins: J Jorge once again showed his technical wrestling skills in a good quality wrestling match against Nevins. In classic heel fashion, Jorge won via low blow that wasn’t seen by the ref which he followed up with a discus knee strike to the face of Nevins and pinning him for the win.

Joey Ace vs. Matt Macintosh (No Limits title match): An impressive back and forth match between Ace and Macintosh, which neither competitor was able to get the clear advantage. Logan Black who lost to Ace at the “Mic On” event last month thanks to Macintosh’s distraction, came out to look on at ringside. Once Macintosh noticed Black, Macintosh spit on Black from the top rope. Black entered the ring to retaliate but ended up unintentionally clotheslining Ace. Following the clothesline, Black was able to hit an elbow strike on Macintosh. Ace who was momentarily dazed from the clothesline nailed Black with a surprise Super Kick and used the Randy Savage Elbow Drop on Macintosh to win the match by pinfall. After the match, Ace declared that he would take on both men in a triple threat match for the title at the next event in May.

The Hostile Collective (Abdul Nasir, Darius Carter and John Cannon w/ Naphtali Rodriguez and Harley) vs. Benjamin Quinn, TJ Marconi and Jessie Brooks: After the Hostile Collective entered, Marconi and Quinn came out and revealed Bonesaw Jessie Brooks as their other partner for this six-man tag match which erupted the crowd with excitement. Quinn, Marconi, and Brooks held control of the majority of the match and it looked as if they would pull out the victory. When the action spilled outside of the ring, the chaos was too much of a distraction for the ref to stay focused, which Cannon took advantage of by hitting Marconi in the knees with a baton. After rolling Marconi out to continue his attack outside, Carter brought Brooks back into the ring to use the Code Breaker to finish her off and get the pinfall.

Dan Maff vs. Logan Black: Maff and Black put on a slow-paced tough grinding match which consisted of a number of hard elbow strikes and chest chops. Black almost picked up the win after a side Suplex into the corner turnbuckle which Maff was barely able to kick out of after two. Maff after a short exchange and a corner suplex of his own, Maff delivered a reverse Death Valley Driver which enabled him to win by pinfall.

EYFBO vs. Style & Finesse (WOW Tag title match): Much like the last time these two teams met, athleticism was on full display as EYFBO and S&F put on an even back and forth match. The two teams matched each other moves and counter after counter until Dan Maff came from the back and leveled the champs with a chair. The ref decided to throw out the match due to the continued assault by Maff, but Maff’s carnage was short lived thanks to S&F stopping Maff with a series of tag team maneuvers causing him to retreat to the locker room.

Michael Massacre vs. Sabotage: In a quick filler match to calm the crowd down before the main event, Michael Massacre took on newcomer Sabotage. Sabotage had put up a good amount of offense but wasn’t enough as Massacre was able to dominate the match down the stretch and win via a Curb Stomp.

Paul London vs. Rude Boy Riley (Number One contenders match for the Heavyweight title): The main event which closed out show was well worth the wait. With Rude Boy Riley coming off an impressive victory over Ken Anderson, he looked to get a win over Paul London and solidify his number one contenders spot for the Warriors of Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Loudon started off with the upper hand, but Riley as usual showed resilience and battled back. Late in the match London hit an impressive Shooting Star Press from the second rope, but it wasn’t enough to put Riley away. After a second Shooting Star Press which London missed, Riley laid London out with the Lights Out to pick up the three count for the win.

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