Review Fix Exclusive: Blue Dolphins Talk ‘Walking in the Sun’ EP and More

Review Fix chats with The Blue Dolphins: Alfonso Rodenas and Victoria Scott who discuss their new EP, “Walking in the Sun,” as well as their influences and goals for the future. Inspired by acts the likes of Carole King, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, and Paul Simon, their sound is rich in nostalgia but trendy enough to grace the radio soon enough.

Review Fix: What did you learn from the first album and how did it affect this EP?

Alfonso Rodenas: We realized that we have something that people can relate to, a sort of a naked honesty, a sincere voice without premeditation. People seemed to dig that and the universal appeal of the songs. We have tried to preserve that in this fully produced recording.

Review Fix: What musicians influence you guys the most?

Victoria Scott: Songwriters Carole King, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, Paul Simon, The Doors, Everything but the Girl. We make our own sound out of these and the melting of our cultural heritages (UK and Spain), and the musical decades we have lived through. I listened to a lot of Prince, Nina Simone, Astrid Gilberto, Carole King, Acid Jazz, The Doors and Bob Dylan.

Rodenas: We listen to all types of music, but there is always this unstoppable attraction to the roots and the sound of the bands that established the principles of modern popular music in the late sixties till the mid seventies.

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Rodenas: Our sound is a rich and complex mixture of roots, eclectic and singer song/writer pop rock oriented. I have tons of influences from the last 40 years of music history, it’s very timeless and far away from calculated authenticity with very powerful, clean and brilliant sonic aesthetics.

Review Fix: Why is this EP special?

Rodenas: The EP is loaded with a very positive and contagious uplifting energy, full of enthusiasm and vitality. Even the sad songs are optimistic, it is this feeling of ‘come on, everything is gonna be alright”. We think people need this energy right now, it is like the general mood in society is one of having thrown the towel in. We don’t believe in that attitude and the EP is a chant against that.

Review Fix: What song on this EP has the best story behind its creation? Care to share

Rodenas: The song ‘Walking in the Sun’ comes from a little, funny idea that we jammed first when we met, many years ago. It was on a cassette, we knew it was a great idea, but we could not find the tape. We were trying to start the process of creating the new record and we were not finding the trigger to start when, finally, we found the tape. We love the song and we’re really happy that it started the whole process.

Scott: In a way it is also the three-minute version of the story of us as a couple.

Review Fix: How do you want this EP to be remembered?

Scott: As a break-through for us as a band, when everyone went ‘woah! This is The Blue Dolphins’!

Rodenas: As a humble contribution to change the dark and depressing mood that permeates many aspects of society in the world today, and towards a more optimistic and happy one.

Review Fix: What do you guys think you have to do to get to where you want to be as a group?

Scott: Concentrate, think clearly and decisively. Dwell in the moment completely and not have any expectations.

Rodenas: Just be as faithful as possible to ourselves and our personalities. To the way we see music and creating, we will try to avoid compromising with anything we don’t like or feel. Working hard.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Scott: Summer will be spent playing in California and Spain, Later in the year other parts of the US- then maybe to Asia. Writing new songs. Expanding our fan base, meeting many more music lovers.

Rodenas: In September our thirteen song, full album “Come On!” is going to come to light. This EP is a teaser for and an integral part of it. Before then we are planning some concerts in the US, UK, and Spain also, maybe, Asia and writing Album no.3.

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