Dark Horse Previews: From Mulan to Lara Croft

One desperate attempt to salvage hope is in the hands of a female warrior. While the artwork of Micah Kaneshiro in this preview of “Mulan: Revelations” is stunning, the story from Marc Andreyko is thin. Will you care to take this monthly journey in a sea of crowded reboots from other comic book companies for the art alone? Remember that sensation you get when you can’t wait for the trade to be published, and forget you can download it on your tablet and stand right in front of your local comic book store, waiting for it to open? This isn’t that kind of book.

Then there’s “Captain Midnight” written by Joshua Williamson. Why is this the final issue? From the first page, you are drawn into an action-packed adventure and if you are new to the series you want to find out why Captain Midnight is in his current situation. Essentially it does its job, enjoying the final ride while hungering for more.

“Conan the Avenger” in its 15th issue continues the legacy of Robert E. Howard (the originator of this iconic character) without even showing Conan for the first few pages. Much can be done in the dark between two characters and neither one of them is Conan. Currently being written by Fred Van Lente this adaption from the storyline “Xuthal of the Dusk” will have you holding your breath from beginning to end. You will find yourself rooting for people and that is a rare occurrence in a monthly series with long established characters.

“Lady Danger: Agent of BOOTI” is said to be in the mode of Blaxploitation, with ninjas thrown in the mix. Still you’d never imagine Pam Grier playing Lady Danger. The thing about iconic characters such as Coffy and Foxy Brown is that they knew how to handle a weapon even if it were the leg of a chair. These women were in charge, but Lady Danger is found in a vulnerable position with the need of the neighborhood to help save the day. As previews go you want to see the strength of the character, something that will make you care about the characters. In this case much is wanting and not in a good way.

You just can’t trust anyone seems to be the motto of the characters in “Past Aways.” In issue 4 you see a team attempting to make the best of a situation that should have been done and over with in one day. Instead, these people have been here for several months. There are few things that are must reads in this current era of comic, “Past Aways” with its clever title and concept needs to be one of them. There’s a tingle you feel from the first few pages that make you not want to wait for a compilation of the first 12 issues. You want to know what’s going on and you want to know now. That’s the makings of what writer Matt Kindt and artist Scott Kolins are doing, creating a world that you want to be acquainted with.

People still care enough to pay money for a monthly series starring Lara Croft? If not, then you definitely should. Action packed from page one Rhianna Pratchett writes a story like a set of scenes in a summer blockbuster. You’re holding your breath while simultaneously being on the edge of your seat. That’s what good writing is, breathing fresh life into a long established character that you thought had no more stories to tell.

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