Review Fix Exclusive: Luca Bash Talks ‘Single Drops’

Review Fix chats with guitarist and singer Luca Bash who breaks down his new EP, “Single Drops.”

While the EP is an awesome collection of licks, deep and full, every track has a solo or a riff that’ll catch your ears. The fact that all the tracks feature just the duo and no one else is a testament to their ability on strings.

Review Fix: You’ve put out a ton of EPs lately, what makes this one extra special?

Luca Bash: The “flood” of songs I’ve published lately is not a foolish marketing strategy or an offensive counter-tactic against the experts’ industry know-how. It was a need. After my motorbike crash in 2013, It is a miracle I can play now my guitar. So, in one year, I published all my songs, to fix what I created in these years. ‘Single Drops’ is a manifesto of that, nothing more, and nothing less than one song for each EP and the latter, “Your Tomorrow.”

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you?

Bash: By the acoustic point of view, it is an intimate way to tell what I think, dream, love and believe. And I try to do this by an original research of chords and themes. With the Band (the last songs of Magenta, Yellow and Key Black EPs) the sound is created by the track plowed by Dave Mathews Band, the band I love.

Review Fix: How was “Your Tomorrow” written? Is there a story behind it?

Bash: It was written like every song I write. First, music is accompanied by a “false” English, then it is the lyrics turn. In that case, the music came into my mind like a mother that tells her baby about the future while he sleeps. Thus, the words can be more complicated and deep, like something for his future… like a heritage, I mean. Something that a kid cannot understand when awake. That’s why the verse swings between a 7/8 and a 4/4 tempo.

Review Fix: What else do you think makes that song special?

Bash: For me it is special because it is the latter, my testament, everything I am till now as a songwriter. For musicians, it is interesting for harmony and tempo, which swings between odd and even timings without jumping or stopping, just fluently. For the crowd, I don’t know… I thing it is a beautiful way to tell everybody how to read and love the metaphor of the rain.

Review Fix: Who inspires you vocally?

Bash: Well… the singers that inspire me are better singers than me, for sure. So I do not feel inspired by them. Intentions are my best inspirations, like Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, John Mayer or Eric Clapton. Vocally I am a slave of my limits, like everybody else,  I suppose. Today I am studying and improving my vocals. If you listen to “Forever Like Asleep”, the first song I recorded after my crash, and “Little Tale”, for example, the difference is clear.

Review Fix: The chemistry you and Giova Pes have on guitar is amazing. How long have you guys been playing together and why do you think you guys works so good together?

Bash: We’ve played together since 2006 when he joined my band, Bash. He loves my way to compose music. He thinks every song I compose is really original and interesting by the musician point of view. And I love the way he is able to merge his skills with my riffs and chords. He is a great guitarist. Sadly, in Italy, we cannot be musicians. In the web, maybe yes.

Review Fix: How do you create such a deep sound with no drums or bass?

Bash: With the help of Alex Chiodini, my sound engineer, in the Chiodostudio of Magenta, in Italy. He followed my requests, and I followed his suggestions and ideas. We are a great team, I think.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Bash: In September, I will publish an LP and a single with the band. Then, all my songs in the CMYK project will be published in Italian, beginning of next year. Then a new LP with the Band. I do not have goals regarding the marketing of my music, really.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Bash: Nothing or everything. I don’t know. I have a job, a comfortable seat in this society. I have a house and a mortgage. Music, for now, is my mask or my real face, who knows. In any case, I do not care about fame. I’m only trying to spread what I am, from my hideout. And it will be a success when I will pass my emotions and meanings at least to only one person… excluding kin, obviously. They don’t count.

This is, in my opinion, the real reason why an artist should write a song.

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