Review Fix Exclusive: Eric Saligumba Talks CrossKix

Review Fix chats with CrossKix founder Eric Saligumba, who discusses his foam sneaker line, CrossKix. From breaking down their new series, to discussing their goals from next year, Saligumba lets us know what to expect from his company in the near future.

About CrossKix:

Crosskix is more than just another EVA shoe to slip on and casually wear. It’s pioneering functionality in mold-injected footwear for multi-purpose uses that comes in striking, attractive and sporty designs. Each shoe is designed and engineered for the best impact absorption, ventilation and water use. The stylish and functional athletic shoes are rugged enough for rigorous obstacle course races (TUFF MUDDER, etc), comfortable for marathon runs, and stylish for everyday casual wear in and out of the water!

For more on CrossKix and their current Kickstarter program, click Here.

Review Fix: For those who have never heard of these shoes before, why should they check them out?

Eric Saligumba: Crocs is the pioneer of EVA (ethlyn vinyl acetate) shoes more commonly known as Foam Composite shoes. Crosskix is one of the first to take the material and create a more Athletic, Multi-Functional. Lifestyle shoe that not only functions like a normal sneaker but is stylish enough for men, women, girls, and boys to be proud to wear. Let’s face it…Crocs are just do NOT look good AND, you can’t do workouts or any recreational activities with them.

We’ve taken athletic functionality and fused it with stylish sporty designs. No one in the industry has the design we have in Foam Composite footwear.

Review Fix: How long to they last with normal wear and tear?

Saligumba: If you take care of your shoes and use them normally, they should last at least 5 years.

Review Fix: What makes your Kickstarter special?

Saligumba: We are offering our NEW 2.0 and APX (All Purpose Kix) styles at a discounted rate of almost 50% off retail price starting at $69/pr.

Review Fix: Do they come in all sizes?

Saligumba: Men’s sizes 3 to 13 but ALL Crosskix shoes are Unisex and can be worn by men, women, and children.

Review Fix: Why wear foam?

Saligumba: Completely submersible in water (go from land to water and water to land)

Anti-microbial. Incredibly Lightweight – 7oz for a size 11 (one shoe)

Easy to maintain – soap and water will make them look brand new!

Wear Moldable Footbed – the footbed will mold to the shape of your foot after a few times of wearing

Soft and Comfortable

Review Fix: What’s different about your new line? How are they special?


• replaced the velcro strap with our “PIN FASTENER”. This will eliminate any malfuction using velcro under extreme uses (water sports, obstacle course racing, exercise, etc)
• adjustable tongue (previous version 1.0 did not have enough adjustment and people with high insteps on foot were uncomfortable
• inserted a HEEL PAD for more comfort on the achiles heel
• patented air/water drain holes
• MUCH BETTER design
• All Purpose Kix – use for running, casual, working out, water sports…EVERYDAY use
• fits like a fabric made sneaker
• full tongue
• Elastic Lacing – NO MORE tying shoes. Set laces to desired setting use cord lock to stay in place…done!
• patented air/water drain holes

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2016?

Saligumba: Be in at least 50 retail stores and distributed in 10 countries.

Review Fix: What else next for the brand?

Saligumba: We have a new technology that repels water, stains, and mud we are working on. Also, we have a new design for 2015 that has more features and of course, fused with the Crosskix trademark design.

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