Mystery Girl #1 Review: Exciting

Superheroes are the typical protagonist when thinking of a comic book. They have amazing powers that defeat the odds and get the bad guys captured most of the time. When picturing these superheroes, the last thing that comes to mind is a young black woman from the urban London streets, rocking the latest short haircut paired with multiple ear piercings that include hoop earrings and a lip piercing.

For those who look like her, Trine Hampstead is a rare superhero. The “sidewalk detective” from the new comic Mystery Girl has “ALL MYSTERIES SOLVED (ALREADY)” with use of her psychic ability that is revealed in the first few pages of the first issue with the script written by Paul Tobin and artwork collectively done by Alberto J. Alburquerque, Marissa Louise (Colors) and Marshall Dillon (Letters).

The mysteries already solved by Trine are not so much the story as it is the mystery that is Trine herself.

As she solves these mysteries from her sidewalk office in her London neighborhood within a short period of time, readers are left wondering page by page what is the real mystery behind the girl. Paul Tobin and Alberto J. Alburquerque both did a great job in giving comic enthusiasts something refreshing to the world of Batman, Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes and John Constantine, showing Trine to be your average everyday citizen, with the exception of her psychic capability. Outside of the intriguing storyline that often time hops throughout a typical day for Trine, the illustration vividly shows the readers the awe and gratefulness from Trine’s clients via their facial expressions and body movements captured in the drawings. However, the colors used in the illustration are not as eye catching or climactic as the dialogue, which may have been done on purpose to draw a reader more into the storyline.

The hazel-eyed Trine deals with the struggles of completely accepting who she really is and being accepted for who she is by those close to her. Many readers can possibly relate to her struggles in their everyday existence and will be left wanting to go on the exciting journey that Trine is about to embark on professionally and personally.

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