The Flash Commentary: I’ve Just Seen A Face

Have you ever been somewhere and swore you saw someone you knew? Maybe you yelled their name or gave an awkward wave, but you never seen mistaken identity like Barry Allen. Poor Flash was a second away from becoming King Shark’s chum when he was saved by the last person he’d think would come to his aide: Harrison Wells.

Or at least he looks like Wells. They have the same face, but the attitudes don’t quite match up. No, this isn’t the Wells we’ve grown to hate but the Professor of Earth 2. The Darkness and the Light (directed by Steve Shill) are our “Other Earths 101”. There are great similarities between the two Earths but the main difference is that the characters we know in our realm have unbeknownst doppelgangers in the others. Therefore, Wells 2 (dubbed “Harry” by Cisco), isn’t aware of the countless lives he has negatively affected and what emotions his face invokes. Wells 2 is sassy, and a no-nonsense character. He has one goal of defeating Zoom, and hopes Team Flash will put up or shut up.

I can only hope that they ride this doppelganger plot a little further. Barry has an unfortunate encounter with a baddie this week, and ultimately hesitates due to the past he remembers. I can definitely see show runners revisiting this plot device with individuals that have a dramatic influence on our main characters. Here’s to crossing our fingers for Earth 2 Ronnie and Eddie.

An Earth 2 Ronnie would be an interesting monkey wrench in the blooming relationship of Jay & Caitlain (Jaitlain? Caiy?). We all saw it coming a mile away and there’s nothing like a stake out to get the sparks flying, And nothing like a metahuman to ruin the mood. It would be great to see them explore Caitlain grieving more over her second loss of Ronnie. It just seems like she bounced back a little too quickly. Unless this is a set up to display that it’s all a facade and she is truly broken on the inside, I don’t totally buy it.

Cisco has the hardest time of the team getting used to seeing “Wells” again. Cisco finally confesses that his previous mentor literally crushed his heart, Wells 2 is unfazed. Not his doing, not his problem. While working on a project together, Wells 2 makes an interesting discovery that pushes Cisco to his full potential.

This is yet another pretty solid episode. Giving us a closer look to Earth 2, a Hawkgirl cameo and more screen time for Zoom (who is creepy to no end), the remaining two episodes before the break are bound to be world(s) shattering.

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