‘Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water’ Review: Treading Lightly

“Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water” may be the best game in the series since the original, but it’s far from a perfect fit on the Wii U.

With plenty of ambiance, beautiful visuals and some of interesting usage of the Nintendo Wii U GamePad, “Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water,” is the most intriguing survival horror offering on the system in quite some time. The lack of real polish hurts the overall package enough however to make it more of a middling entry to the Wii U catalog.

The biggest problem with this game is its presentation. While it offers legitimate scares, the lack of real voice acting during the cutscenes just doesn’t get it done. It’s almost like watching a film the likes of “Paranormal Activity,” with captions. There’s simply not enough ways to want to get invested in the story, despite the fact that there’s plenty of intrigue there. built around the disappearances of several people. the cut-scenes are eery. The shot selection is awesome as well as the scenes are brimming with frightening potential. But with no way to truly connect with the characters, the narrative isn’t nearly as scary as it could have been. Ten years ago when the series was in its heyday, sure, captions would have been fine, but in 2015, horror survival gamers expect better- even on the Wii U.

With the release of the indie hit “Year Walk” earlier this year, the Wii U has proven to be a place where scares are more than possible, they are a reality. While comparing “Year Walk” and “Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water” makes sense because they share the same genre, Fatal Frame is on an entirely different level from the start due to its wonderful visuals and better use of the console. But where “Year Walk” forces you to think and uses its indie label to its own benefit, “Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water” never takes full advantage of its graphical and audio superiority- or at least not enough to put it in a league by itself.

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