Hell’s Kitchen Season 15 Episode 3 Recap: Burritos and Meese

In space, nobody can hear you destroy multiple high-quality dishes. In “Hell’s Kitchen,” you are at the mercy of Gordon Ramsay in a brand new episode that is topped off by glorious fish heads.

Once again this episode began with what happened in the dorms and then the intro. This seems to be how this season will go from now. May as well get used to it.

When morning came, Ramsay spoke to the chefs in French. They were, obviously, confused by this. This was to prove a point that, as is common on this show, communication is important. This was also a way to introduce the chefs to the day’s challenge.

That challenge was for each chef to cook a dish that was written on the backs of their jackets. In order to know what that recipe is, they need the help of their teammates to read what was written.

Tasting started off with Kristin and Hassan (spanakopita.) Ramsay hated Kristin’s spanakopita. That may be due to Meese’s reading of the recipe. Blue got the point. After that, it was Ashley and Frank (sliders) with Ashley getting the point, Eddie and Manda (taquito) with Eddie getting the point due to Manda making a burrito, Meese and Alan (fish sandwich) with Meese getting the point. This went back and forth with the Blue winning 5-3.

The Blue’s reward was a lesson on mixology and foot massages at “Bacara” in Santa Barbara. The Red had to cut and prep 100 pounds of sea bass. Once again, the reward/punishment went along as usual. The only interesting part was lunch for the Red. As usual, the punishment team’s lunch was something disgusting. This time, it was fish head soup. Fish head soup is not that bad, really. Ashley was the only one who vomited while the other chefs didn’t mind it that much.

At dinner service there was a VIP in “Hell’s Kitchen” and, since the Blue won the day’s challenge, they got to cook for him. That VIP was astronaut Buzz Aldrin. One funny note here is Meese had no idea who Buzz Aldrin was. “What is this, ‘Toy Story?’” She said.

Vanessa started things off in the Red by not being able to call back the order. She’s this season’s airhead. She even cooked only one lobster tail for a double order of risotto. Later, it was Kristin who couldn’t call back the order. Sous chef Christina had to write the order of the back of Kristin’s jacket. Ramsay really does come up with the funniest things. The Reds’ woe continued with Manda’s inability to cook garnish in a timely fashion combined with Meese throwing perfectly cooked Wellingtons in the trash and Jackie making a raw Arctic char. Another raw Arctic char later caused the Red to once again get thrown out.

The Blue did pretty well until entrees. Kevin made a vegetarian that was like mush. When it was time to cook Aldrin’s entrees, Kevin almost put already cooked Wellingtons in the oven. Of course, Ramsay had a great line for this: “I’ll kick you to the *bleep* moon.” After completing their service, they had to complete Red’s.

At elimination, the Red chose Meese and Vanessa. It should be noted that the Red chose Manda in the dorm, but Ariel said, Vanessa. Vanessa got eliminated.

This has to be the first time that a chef royally screwed over another chef by nominated them when the consensus was for another chef. This Red Team is horrendous so far. The Blue isn’t all that great either, but they are still better than the Red. The reward/punishment sections are still dull, but this season is still decent.

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