Opinion: UFC Fans vs. WWE Universe

As a fan of professional wrestling, I like many others are often attacked for watching a product that is “fake,” or as many ignorant people say “painless.” This act of pure stupidity causes most wrestling fans to fall into a frenzy of pure argument and rage. Most are so enraged by statements like that, they can’t form a valid argument and furthermore make themselves look like complete idiots.

This wrestling fan, however, has seen arguments and confrontations from both sides of this debate. In most cases, the perpetrator or argument “starter” is the generic affliction t-shirt wearing UFC know-it-all. I’m not saying that all UFC fans are complete and utter brainless pigs, we have our “bad apples” within the wrestling fan community as well. Marks who lay to waste at a computer screen, feeding off of rumors and completely defecating on the current WWE product. It’s a catch 22, a fair ball game between two fan bases riddled with stupidity.

It’s not opinion but fact, log into any UFC or WWE message board and it becomes crystal clear. This doesn’t take away from the fact that being a professional wrestler is beyond harder than being an MMA fighter. Some may call me a hypocrite for not being either, not talking from a personal experience. But if you look at the lives and the schedules of professional wrestlers, there is no question who has the tougher gig.

Not many people are aware of this, but professional wrestling and martial arts fighting are clear relatives to each other. Both evolve from something known as “catch-wrestling” that was a structure of fighting in the mid-1900s. These two attention-grasping forms of entertainment are closer than one would imagine. For all the UFC fans who constantly rip wrestling to shreds over it being “fake,” I have a lot to say. Sure, the matches in professional wrestling are predetermined, the endings are known ahead of time. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that injuries and even death have taken place in wrestling rings.

I hate to burst the snarky UFC fans bubble but that very wrestling mat isn’t some soft surface that is descriptive of a pillow. It is a hard and authentic surface that creates a hard and authentic feeling for both the competitors and the fans watching. Every punch, kick, grapple, dive and top rope maneuver hurts. Still don’t believe me? When moves on that very mat go unplanned, and “botched” tragedies occur. On an Oct. 5, 1999 edition of “WWE Smackdown!,” Droz, better known as Darren Drozdov, was paralyzed after a botch on that very wrestling mat. Good hard-working professional wrestlers have been seriously hurt and even died in an attempt to entertain fans. It is a spit in the face of their memory to further insult the very element of what they loved doing.

You still want to promote the point of wrestling fans knowing something is fake and continuing to watch it? Let me list off some “fake” things millions of people including you watch. TELEVISION. Almost every television show is fiction, a non-real form of entertainment that brings and includes an element of realism. So that argument used is a contradiction, a contradiction that makes UFC fans look even more ignorant and stupid than already were.

Instead of criticizing the commonplace flaws of what you find “wrong” with professional wrestling, know and understand the facts surrounding the business in general.

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