5 Realistic Last-Minute Options To Ensure a Remarkable WrestleMania 32

With nine days to go, the showcase of the immortals WrestleMania 32 is seeming to be a lackluster showing. As it pertains to the match-card buildup, the WWE has done a moderate job in what they had to play with. The barrage of injuries that claimed the timely WrestleMania performances of high caliber wrestlers such as Cesaro, John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton have created a huge gap in the storytelling portion of this year’s show. To ensure a memorable and surprisingly good show, we here at Review Fix have a couple of realistic surprise/return options that can “save” WrestleMania in Dallas.

Option #Five, Goldberg.

The United States title match came off as a negative surprise. Many wrestling elitists predicted that the U.S title would receive the ladder match treatment, in what could have been the ultimate spot fest. The WWE have had an infamous track record with locking in certain options regardless of the fans general opinion. With Ryback sporting black tights and “picking” on the cruiserweights it seems as if this is the perfect opportunity for a Goldberg return. It’s the grandest stage of them all, and with things looking dim in the excitement category for the show of shows, the “pop” of the night could fall to the former World Champion.

Option #Four, Spot-fest the Musical

With the current WrestleMania 32 card being a limited mess, there is always a crowd saver. The sound of a steel chair smacking against flesh is music to the ears of any wrestling fan. With recent segments on Raw of Dean Ambrose meeting with ECW legends Terry Funk, and Mick Foley and receiving the notorious barbed wire baseball bat, and the murderous chainsaw the question has been asked, “Will WWE allow this?” Dean Ambrose, a CZW legend known for outrages weapon spots might reign supreme again at WrestleMania. In theory, this mentality makes complete sense. In order to defeat the man who defeats the streak, it makes sense in a booking mentality to have this match be a hardcore, bloodied, and completely non-pg fight.

Option #Three, Stunners Galore

WrestleMania 32 will take place in Texas, home of the rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. While the rattlesnake remains retired, it doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t deliver the spot that leaves die hard WWE fans happy. In a creative thought, the ultimate segment to start the show should be Austin cutting a promo, while being interrupted by the Social Outcasts. Ultimately ending in four stunners and WrestleMania starts off with a beer guzzling celebration in the squared circle.

Option #Two, SWERVE!

The word that keeps Vince Russo happy, the word that has made, or broken good things in the wrestling industry. Whether it was Rikishi, “doing it for The Rock” Or Vince McMahon exploding in a limousine, Swerves have created moments in time that spawn media buzz. I’m not saying the WWE should have David Arquette win the WWE title in a surprise triple threat match, even though Arquette would make a better babyface than Roman Reigns. I’m not saying that Mae Young’s deformed birth-given hand should win the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. The point I am making is that the WWE needs to do something to spice and shake things up a bit, as long as it makes sense in the story.


Yes, the thing every wrestling fan screams to themselves as they are forced to watch Reigns deliver promo’s that have the realism of a cartoon series. It’s almost as if, The WWE is repeating the same thing over and over as time passes by. The Roman Reigns “face” situation is literally Rocky Maivia 2.0. The obvious antidote that will solve the deafening boo’s to fill AT&T stadium is the heel turn wanted more than a Cena character change. Whether it’s interfering in Ambrose’s match or verbally abusing the fans in attendance, the WWE needs to act on the current vibe of its subscribers, We the People.

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