Review Fix Exclusive: J Burn Talks Randomly Banded And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter J-Burn, who discusses his upcoming album, “Randomly Banded,” as well as his creative process and goals. Recorded at legendary Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir’s TRI Studios in San Rafael, CA, the album uses a list of well know veteran musicians from the San Francisco Bay area, including Jay Lane (Bob Weir’s Rat Dog, Further, Primus & Golden Gate Wingmen), Robin Sylvester (Rat Dog, Ry Cooder & Kate Wolf) and Jason Crosby (Phil Lesh and Friends, Susan Tedeschi & Eric Clapton). 

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Review Fix: What has inspired the sound of this album the most?
J Burn: Definitely all the talented and creative people who put their fullest efforts into all the parts that made this possible. As for myself, I am a product of all the notes and sounds that have reverberated in my ears and mind throughout my passionate affair with music. I love a good story and my songs are inspired by the experiences, daydreams and wanderings of my rarely quiet mind.

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?
J Burn: It’s a blend of different styles of music with influences for Rock, Americana, Country and Punk including shades of tones that can be psychedelic at times. With a strong focus on lyrical content, it has a uniqueness and familiar but original feeling, all  creating the J Burn sound.
Review Fix: Review Fix: Why is jam band rock still important?
J Burn: Improvisation, I think is key to that. Jam bands bring a unique and original experience to each show they do. These bands are not afraid to leap into the unknown and take chances in the hope to create some magic. All at the risk of falling on their faces in front of the audience. I think this shows true love to create the music they do. Lots of bands play the same thing every time they are on stage and it’s not that they are not talented, but its predictable. I think this quote, mainly the second part really says it, “A studio record is a lot like building a ship in a bottle,” Garcia once said, “whereas playing live is like being a rowboat on an ocean.”. Endless possibilities and taking that chance make for a unique show every time.
Review Fix: Review Fix: How has living in San Francisco influenced your sound?
J Burn: There is a lot of inspiration here and amazing people. The Bay Area is a truly beautiful place. I have found my way into some incredible opportunities and meet a lot of great people who have helped my build my craft an confidence to do so, which has been priceless for me.
Review Fix: Review Fix: How was “Shine” written? What inspired it?
J Burn: I sat down and decided that I wanted to write a positive song, we can always use more positive energy, can never have enough. Shine was a song about the connection of life and how we can step out of the box. We all have the capacity to do great things, when our minds are open and free to accept love.  
Review Fix: Review Fix: Is there another song on this album with a great story behind it? Can you share?
J Burn: I will go with “Certainly Know,” which was one of the singles I released from the upcoming “Randomly Banded” album. This song is about standing true in the face of adversity and never giving up on the people and things we love. It’s about putting yourself and all you got into the things that matter to you and stay on track.
Review Fix: Review Fix: How has this album changed you as a musician?
J Burn: I think every song and album I start and complete really helps me grow as a musician and that as me as a person. It’s one more step down the endless pathway and journey of music. I walk away from this album feeling excited, more confident with my art, a sense of accomplishment and that its real.
Review Fix: Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people?
J Burn: If it brings them a smile, brightens their day or makes them feel a connection I would be  joyed, cause this is what I get out of it for me.
Review Fix: Review Fix: What are your goals for this album?
J Burn: I hope it gets played and people enjoy it. The music industry is in a really tough place right now for musicians. The content providers are really not giving us our fair shares for our creative endeavors   
Review Fix: Review Fix: Bottom line, why should someone listen to this album?
J Burn:Because I didn’t tell you to. If you choose to, you are supporting an Independent artist, you might surprise yourself with something new and you are keeping music alive. Let me borrow a quote from a musician I admire very much, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” – Frank Zappa
Review Fix: Review Fix: What’s next?
J Burn: Definitely some surprises and some live shows are on my list… Thank you everyone for listening, taking the time to read this interview and to you for helping get our music out there.

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