Review Fix Exclusive: Talks Sioeye Iris4G And More

Review Fix chats with David Abramowski, general manager of Sioeye, who discusses the Sioeye Iris4G, the first unlocked, wearable smart-camera that broadcasts live video through 4G LTE mobile networks in real time. Breaking down the inspiration behind the device and goals for the product, lets us know that is anything but a cooler version of the GoPro.

About Sioeye:

Headquartered in Seattle, Sioeye™ Inc. is dedicated to creating innovative ways to enable participants to share their extreme sports experiences as they unfold with their friends, family and fans. Sioeye designs and develops smart cloud connected devices, cloud-based live streaming video services and interactive mobile applications enabling people to share experiences in real-time. For more information, go to

Review Fix: What was the inspiration for this device?

David Abramowski: During the last few years, action cameras have been finding their way everywhere. People are using them to capture all sorts of life experiences. Our approach was to bring innovation in two places, solve the problem of a vast majority of video footage never being pulled off the SD card and sharing experiences that are happening at that exact moment. The market has shown the appetite for live streaming with the big uptake in apps like periscope, meerkat as well as the fact that Google to continues to push new capabilities with YouTube live streaming. We bring a complete end-to-end live streaming solution to the action camera market that solves both of these problems.

Review Fix: For those that see it in a similar vein to the GoPro, what would you say to them?

Abramowski: Sioeye is radically different from GoPro. Our approach is to enable the broadcaster to engage their followers in an experience with the touch of a button. Yes the basic specs of the camera module has similar features as a GoPro Hero4 Black, but we go far beyond that comparison when you look at what we’ve created. The Sioeye Iris4G is an android device that has embedded data sensors, it has real time streaming built in, it has the entire back end infrastructure needed to bring a live stream to an audience with the push of a button, it even includes the mobile app that allows followers to interact with the live stream and each other as well as with instant replays.

Review Fix: This device has a ton of practical applications. Who do you think absolutely needs to have one of these?

Abramowski: Our main target is the extreme sport and action sport market. The device is a must have for people who want to share what they do with a larger audience as it happens. The list of those who must have this device would include anyone who sponsors extreme or action sports individuals or teams. As a sponsor you could bring the live stream excitement right to your business. On the individual participant side, those who are already sharing recorded videos with followers can find a new type of interactive sharing with their audience. This strengthens the bond between broadcaster and viewers. We focus our efforts on extreme and action sports because we believe the device is best suited to capture not only the video and audio, but also capture the action with the onboard sensors.

Review Fix: What are the camera’s specs? What can it do?

Abramowski: It has all the specs and features and benefits of a premium level action cam (Link to specs: Again, the biggest advantage of the Sioeye Iris4G is that its an unlocked Android based wearable smart-camera that broadcasts live video through 4G LTE mobile networks in real time. People don’t have to wait until they get home to download, edit, and upload video to their social media accounts. It shows their friends, family and fans what they are doing right at that moment via the Sioeye mobile app.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why should someone buy this?

Abramowski: It’s a great camera for actions sports enthusiasts, both for the amateur or professional athlete and their followers, who want to share and see what’s happening at that very moment.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Abramowski: Sioeye’s mission is to be the personal ‘live film crew’ company of action sports enthusiasts. We are currently developing additional live streaming devices and a full complement of related accessories. Soon broadcasters will be able to set up multiple cameras, hit one button to start broadcasting, and then choose what camera positions to share live. Viewers, via the Sioeye mobile app, will also be able to swap back and forth among the different camera positions to catch the action. Embedded in the Sioeye Iris4G are GPS, barometer, gyro and magnetic sensors. With Sioeye LiveStats, broadcasters can choose to show speed and altitude overlaid in the lower portion of the video. As we, and other third party developers, start integrating the system with sensors such as bicycle power meters, heart rate monitors or motorsports timing systems, broadcasters will be able to share those stats on screen as well.

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