Steve Superville Talks Future of ‘Paragon’

Epic Games has been known for action games such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. So when they decided to jump into the MOBA genre with their upcoming title Paragon, it was a whole new challenge. Paragon brings a breath of fresh air into the MOBA universe with some unique aspects, such as real elevation on the map that lets you decide if you will gank from the side or perhaps from above your enemy.

Ben Hernandez: Coming from mostly action games, how was Paragon a different challenge? In the sense that as a MOBA are you designing things with ideas of how to grow them down the road?

Steve Superville: The most challenging part was identifying the key aspect of MOBAs and using them as constraints for the design of characters and abilities. Those are often at odds with what our “pure action” instincts were. For example, in traditional action games, combat is frantic and lethality is high, both of which equate to individualized fun. However, in MOBAs, it’s all about cooperative fun through plays and collaboration; we had to incorporate more time and space into our abilities so that players have a chance to see and understand what is happening and then respond to each other. This allows players to express mastery together and create those magical moments of synergy that happen.

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