Life and Death: Prometheus #1 Review: Leaching Off Previous Success

Comic book writer Dan Abnett seems hell bent making his “Fire and Stone” series have every 80s alien monster in it. His previous try was to have the Predator in it and it was dull. This time, he’s going after “Prometheus” in ‘Life and Death: Prometheus.” While an improvement, it still has problems.

Taking place about forty-three years after “Alien” and about one year after “Fire and Stone,” the crew of Ganymede Station have found an unknown space craft floating near them. After investigating they find a “godlike” being, and now they must find a way to kill it.

This story is an improvement over “Predator: Life and Death” in that it is better paced, the writing is much improved and the action is better thought out. The “god” creature may not be original, but so far it is an interesting creature.

However, it still suffers from the same downfalls as its previous issues. The characters are still boring and one dimensional and the story is mediocre at best. When the reader wants to see the monster kill every character, you know your characters need to get back to the drawing board.

The art by Andrea Mutti is decent enough. The characters and backdrops are OK, nothing that impressive. The only thing that stands out is the creature. It has a great design that makes it give off an imposing aura and looks scary at the same time.

‘Life and Death: Prometheus.” May have some improvements to the series, but many of the faults are still there. The characters are still boring, the writing is average at best and the art is unremarkable. There is a good story hidden here, but the problem is it feels like this series is only riding the coattails of popular 80s sci-fi.

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