Ring of Honor Coverage: Less Cash More Rehash

Just like last week, ROH TV was a compilation show, featuring matches from months ago, rather than anything fresh and new. Again, while the actual in-ring action was solid, it’s hard to take ROH seriously, especially considering the cheesy commercials, awful commentary and lame product placement. The fact that they main event of the show was from January only makes you wonder exactly what ROH is thinking.


ROH TV Champion Tomohiro Ishii vs. Bobby Fish: This was a far as Ishii nailed Fish with strikes, headbutts and duplexes through, but Fish, ironically was slippery, escaping every time it appeared Ishii had the upper hand. Despite a top rope Brainbuster and a vicious Discus Elbow, Fish continued to go to the Sleeper. Although Ishii didn’t tap out, Fish was able to lock it in with Scissors to get the stoppage and win the title.

Mark and Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin and Yoshihiro Tanahashi: This was a fun match as Elgin was at his Suplex-heavy best and the Briscoes were super wild. From the Criss-Cross Powerbomb from Mark and Jay’s vicious strikes, there was a little bit of everything here. Add in Tanahashi’s swag and it was impossible not to like this encounter. The Briscoes were dominant as they hit the Froggy-Bow and Urinage, but Takahashi kicked out. After they escaped the Doomsday Device, Elgin hit a variation of the Goro Special with Takahashi on Mark, but he kicked out. After the Sling Blade from Tanahashi, Elgin hit the Powerbomb on Mark and Takahashi finished him off with the Frog Splash.

Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young: This was a match where Castle proved he was a lot tougher than anyone expected. Beating Young with Electric Chair Drop, Castle is definitely in his way up the card.

Philly Street Fight: ReDragon: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Young Bucks: Matt and Nick Jackson vs. The Kingdom: Adam Cole and Michael Bennett w/Maria Kanellis: No way to put this other than it was a war. A ton of spots with no storytelling needed, as all three teams destroyed one another. After O’Relly and Cole fought on the ramp and Fish took out Bennett on the outside, The Bucks looked ready to finish things off, but Kanellis got involved and so did AJ Styles, allowing the Bucks to finish off both Kaneliis and Bennett with the assisted Tombstone before Styles hit the Styles Clash on Bennett to give the Bucks the win.

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