Tier 1 Wrestling, A Savior Amongst Us Review: An Indie Classic as Carter Proves Worth Again

Without a shadow of a doubt,Sunday night’s Tier 1 Wrestling event was a hit, thanks to a stacked card of athletic and original talent. By the end of the night, Tier 1 Wrestling provided not just an entertainment spectacle, but a true and exact display of what professional wrestling on any level should be.

The continuation of what is a true and powerful tag team tournament pressed on, with teams like an Officer and A Gentleman, The Breakfast Club, Flawless and Lawless, The Sons of Brooklyn, Certified Sexy and many others, Sunday’s event was truly a proud night of tag team wrestling. While the WWE has been pushing for a divas revolution for months, in just one-night Tier One Wrestling revolutionized women’s competition. An absolute show stealer between Allie Recks and Nikka Addams tore the house down. The champion Rude Boy Riley, proved at Sunday’s event that he has the potential to completely change the landscape of independent professional wrestling, With Grand Akuma suffering an injury, Riley found himself without an opponent. At Sunday’s event who did he face, was he crowned victorious?


Flawless and Lawless vs. An Officer and a Gentleman: Flawless and Lawless capture the victory after an impressive Wheel-Barrow STO double-team for the pinfall. A nice opener, lots of athletics and chemistry between the two teams.

The Indy Card Mafia vs. The Contract Thrillers: A match with high-flying action, and a massive amount of reversals. The Indy Card Mafia got the win after capitalizing on a missed high flying maneuver. It seems as if after the match the Contract Thrillers disbanded, as Mr. Grim hit his former tag team partner with an impressive whiplash Tombstone Piledriver.

J George vs. Sebastian Cage: The first singles match of the night was an impressive one at that. J George’ character is one of a few things. It’s a mix of Bray Wyatt, and newly star-famed “broken” Matt Hardy. Truly a talented performer and more importantly professional wrestler. Sebastian Cage showed off his athleticism as well, at one point in the match he connected with a brutal Pele kick. Many Kicks and Elbows were thrown but in the end, J George won via submission with the classic Boston Crab. After the match Federated beat down J George and followed the night with a match of their own.

Ace Romero vs. Randy Summer vs. Darius Carter vs. VSK vs. Sonny Kiss vs. Black Baron: This six-way match for the winner to have a future shot at the Tier One Wrestling title was amazing. This match had everything, false finishes, Flair Chops, Strong-Style Knees. But the true highlight of the match came when Carter hit a Codebreaker for the win. Make no mistake, Carter is an upcoming future star, with attention receiving charisma. His future is a bright one.

Jesse Vane and “The Stallion” Anthony Lacerra vs. the Breakfast Club: This match was a true battle of sportsmanship, a very athletic and “old school” battle. The Breakfast Club have it all, both impressive in-ring skills and the value of comedic action in the ring. The Breakfast Club got the win after a surprise Rollup for the pinfall. Both teams embraced and shook hands post-match.

Allie Recks vs. Nikki Addams: This match was a proud display of professional wrestling. Recks wore a knee-brace to the ring as she is working injured. This was the main target from her competitor. Many spots and moments in the match where Recks knee almost cost her the pinfall. After a surprise Tornado DDT, Recks collected the victory.

Certified Sexy vs. Sons of Brooklyn: A match with many moves emulating from Japan. In this match we saw a top rope Michinoku Driver, impressive flips and the move that got the pinfall, the inverted Unprettier. Certified Sexy got the win.

With Akuma missing a scheduled Tier One title match due to injury, Rude Boy Riley was up for any challenger to come and attempt to take away his Tier 1 title. Darius Carter came out and threatened to use his recently won opportunity at the title, when out of nowhere Carter’s friend,  Ryan Galeone came out and attacked Riley. Coming to the champ’s rescue was former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow and the main event was set.

Rude Boy Riley and Damien Sandow vs. Darius Carter and Ryan Galeone: This match was a clear cut faceoff, with a surprise finish as Carter pinned Sandow after using brass knuckles for the heelish victory.

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