Review Fix Exclusive: Inside the HelloEar Arc Headphones

Review Fix chats with Jason Yu, CEO and Founder of HelloEar to find out what makes these headphones so special.

For More on the HelloEar Arc Headphones, Head to their Kickstarter, Here.

Review Fix: What was the inspiration for these headphones?

Jason Yu: The inspiration behind the HelloEar Arc earphones was the fact that so many people simply put up with poor-fitting earphones that constantly fall out or cause pain. We didn’t want people to have to deal with this when there are other options out there. While over the head headphones might make a good alternative, they are too bulky for exercise.

We recognize that everyone’s ears are unique and buying earphones should be more like buying shoes or clothes, rather than a one-size-fits-all method. So we set out to create, small, in-ear earphones that never fall out or cause pain after prolonged use.

Review Fix: What makes them special?

Yu: We researched ears for four years with support from Tsinghua University and learned so much. We then created the world’s first human ear database and ear sizing standard, and based on this were able to devise the fastest, most affordable and effective method for creating earphones that actually fit your ears. We also spent a lot of time making sure the sound matched the great design and thanks to Sonion we achieved this.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far and hope to bring the HelloEar Arcs to as many people as possible.

Review Fix: Who do you think will enjoy them the most?

Yu: Anyone who enjoys listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks either on-the-go, or having some quiet time to themselves for long periods of time will benefit from HelloEar Arc earphones.

HelloEar Arc earphones are especially for those who like to listen to something while exercising, as this is the peak time where earphones fall out as the body moves. From our research we found that only 30% of women have earphones that fit their ears so we think women will benefit greatly.

Review Fix: How does it feel for the Kickstarter to meet its goal this quickly?

Yu: Incredible. We are so pleased to have met our Kickstarter target so quickly. We are so grateful to our backers for supporting us and hope to reach our stretch goals soon. As we hit each of our stretch goals we will unlock new products and colors so that will be really exciting to achieve.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Yu: We will be constantly innovating and improving our products and due to the earphone’s modular design, new parts can be added easily. Soon we will add applications such as GPS, noise canceling, health data tracking amongst many others.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why should someone buy them?

Yu: For a fraction of the usual price and with minimum effort – no molding process required, everyone can have a pair of earphones perfectly made to suit their ear shape and size, that you can even barely feel in your ears. Earphones that have incredible sound, never fall out or cause pain.

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