Review Fix Holiday Game and Tech Gift Guide

2016 was a great year for tech and games. Check out Review Fix’s exclusive Holiday Gift Guide to see what you should get the geek in your family for the holidays.

10: Tumblestone: If you’re looking for a sleeper stocking stuffer, Tumblestone gets it done thanks to deep and simple puzzle mechanics and a plethora of levels.

9: Call of Duty: Legacy Edition: While the jury is still out on Infinite Warfare, the remaster of Modern Warfare is awesome. The updated graphics do the almost masterpiece justice, breathing new life into outdated textures, run down cityscapes, and shoddy camerawork that weren’t as noticeable 10 years ago. So much so that the developer doing the updates, Raven Software’s, take on the cult classic is reminiscent of what you’d expect from a Battlefield Game. Even running on an ancient PC on the lowest settings, the game could easily pass as something created in the last 2 or 3 years.

8: Prison Architect: Simply put, the stories told in “Prison Architect” are wild. With visuals that feel pulled out of comics the likes of “The Watchmen,” “Prison Architect” makes up for its child-like visuals with grisly comic book story segments that’ll make you feel more than pretty much any game on the PlayStation 4. It’s crazy that a game that looks so arcane can get you so connected, but that’s exactly the case with “Prison Architect.” Because of this, you’ll spend hours with it.

7: Plox Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker: So while it may not work for everyone exactly the way it should, the Plox Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is still an awesome piece of nostalgia and modern technology that you’ll get plenty of usage out of if you live and breath everything Star Wars. Just don’t get too angry when you can’t get it to levitate.

6: Dead Rising Remastered: Remember people, this game was never released on the PlayStation 3. With improved visuals and much-need analog control, it’s the best version of the game to date.

5: Marvel Battlegrounds: Thanks to simple, but inventive gameplay and a fresh new take on the multiplayer brawler, “Marvel Battlegrounds” is so much more than a game that plays similar to “Super Smash Bros” and “Powerstone,” it’s one of the best times you can have on a console this year.

4: AT Games’ Ultimate Portable Game Player: Sega Genesis: This little console is a bit fragile, but with an ability to put every Genesis game on an SD card and take it with you is too wild a notion to ignore.

3: Turtle Beach Streaming Mic: Turtle Beach’s new streaming mic, for those gamers or anyone else looking to try something new and unique, has created something that has solid sound production and can capture a moment just as well as any headset. For many, it could become they’re new favorite podcasting or streaming tool. Connecting easily to the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, the Steaming Mic has to be relatively close to you to work best, preferably on a table, or even a boom without three to five feet. If it’s farther than that, you’ll have some volume issues, especially for you low-talkers, but even that is nothing that a free sound editor the likes of Audacity can’t fix. If you’re making videos that aren’t live, Final Cut Pro or any other video editor can help you tighten things up as well. For these types of videos, ones that are about production, this mic is one that is more comfortable and easier to use. Once it’s plugged in and turned on, it’s good to go. There’s no worry in forgetting if you pressed anything, as many headsets have volume and mute buttons on the wires.

2: Batman: The Telltale Series: Just when you think Telltale can’t do it anymore, they do something like this. Without any spoilers, let’s just say that “Batman: The Telltale Series” is amazing. This isn’t Frank Miller’s Batman despite the grit and noir feel. It’s not Tim Burton’s Batman, despite the inclusion of Vikki Vale, Catwoman and Oscar Cobblepot. It’s not even Batman: The Animated Series despite the fact that the Commissioner Gordon character model feels borrowed from it.

1: Pokemon Sun/Moon: Both Nintendo and Game Freak have done a phenomenal job with the latest installment of Pokémon Sun and Moon on the 3DS, creating a brand new experience for long-time veterans of the series as well as those picking it up for the first time. There are few titles that are as well-known and loved as the Pokémon franchise. It has been 20 years since the first generation of Pocket Monsters hit the United States and the game has since touched millions of players across the world of varying ages. Sun and Moon bring several new experiences to players that make them feel very much like exciting new games.

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