Myths About Marketing And Technology

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Myths are mostly a product of great story telling. However sometimes myths are created by over enthusiasm and self-misinformation. This is typical in situations when the customer assumes they are way too far behind the technology curve. By believing they are lagging in technology adoption, customers allow sales people to get away with giving them incomplete/ incorrect information on products. The interaction between marketers and technology consumers has led to a lot myths about marketing and technology. We are going to debunk three of these myths.

Top three myths about marketing and technology

Most firms are at advanced stages of technological adoption. The truth is very contrary to this very obvious fact. In reality statistics show that more than half the firms are only in the first stages of moving to tech savvy ways of operating.

It is very common for technology vendors to try and make customers feel like they are the only ones still using old technology. Maybe it is the proliferation of technology such as mobile real money gambling that makes it easy to believe. We might see online casinos such as apply some of these features. Seeing advancements in social applications of technology causes many people to overestimate the take up of technology by businesses.

Technology reduces the need for a marketing team. Regardless of what you may think about automated marketing systems, selling still requires a personal touch. This is despite research showing that more than half of customers make the decision to purchase before talking to a human. Personal content that appeals more to prospective customers is key to making conversions when using automated marketing technology.

Technology and marketing systems require no training. There is no such thing as a holistic technology suite that does not require the user to undergo training. Most firms do not have the knowledge or resource base to successfully integrate the systems. There is nothing embarrassing here. Morden applications are complex and require a level of training to successfully use them.

It is simple to get lost in the thousands of myths that are circulating in society. Most of us will need to get a partner who understands the tech and marketing industry to help us navigate through the thousands of products.

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