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If you’re like us then you read reviews for just about anything, whether it’s a film, television show or album. One area that you might never have considered reading reviews about is the realm of casinos. Most players that are successful in playing these games do their research first and select the right site.

Betway Casino

New players can always look for big name casino sites to keep them on the straight and narrow. The chances are that if you play with a little known casino site then you might just get scammed. If you’re not sure which red flags to look out for then you’re best sticking to the main casinos out there.

Betway Casio is a giant in the gaming industry so you can expect a good mixture of promotions, games and bonuses on there. Their video slot games are brilliant and they give you more than enough free funds to get playing with. They use technology from some of the market leaders like NetEnt, Microgaming and others. This allows them to create and provide a large library of different games.

This casino site is one of the largest out there and has poker, Macau and Vegas sections to experiment with. Using just one login you can access all of these in an instant.

Royal Panda

There’s something a bit bizarre about a panda with a crown but this mascot seems to work for players here. They treat players to a right royal time and they receive a good write up in many sites that review PayPal casinos, is among one of our favourites.

Similar to Betway, this site also uses a mixture of providers but they do offer different games too. This gives this site the edge over many others in the industry, as they’re not just using the same games as other sites. If you’re a big fan of music then you can play a number of musical themed slots on this site, like NetEnt’s Motorhead slot.

These games are great but their live casino offers even more fun and gets you up close to the action. This is a relatively new technological advancement but many of the top casino sites are offering it.


If you want to feel lucky then you can make a deposit at this site with PayPal. They promise to keep players’ luck on the go for as long as they choose to play. They have welcome offers, loyalty schemes and any other kind of reward you could wish for. These ensure that players come back for more, even after the welcome offer is over and done with.

This casino site takes a range of alternate payment methods, we even hope they bring Bitcoin to their site soon too. They’re always looking to make the player experience better so it’s not that much of a stretch for them to add new payment methods.

With horseshoes, clovers and ladybugs decorating this site, it’s no wonder that they’re known as one of the luckiest sites on the internet. If you’re a superstitious player then you might just want to check them out.

Playing with PayPal is a great option for those that want to improve their security. There are so many sites you can do so on too, so you’re never stuck for choice either.

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