The Walking Dead Episode Commentary: ‘It’s Not Your Time’

As episode titles go, “It’s not your time” applied to several moments in this episode. First, for those who were looking forward to a shocking kill, well there was none. Sorry, fans, this was one of those “Set up” episodes for the big season finale two episode away. That does not mean the episode was not worth watching. There were some great moments that helped move the story along and gave us time to know these characters.

The writers of this show have given us unforgettable scenes where they bring to the forefront the reminder of our limited time on this planet. One of those breathtaking and beautifully acted scenes that spoke to this truth was when Andrea apologized to her sister Amy for not being around much as they were growing up. She made the mistake of believing she had more time. The agony of that scene was that Andrea was whispering it to a dead Amy who was on the verge of coming back as a walker. Andrea apologizes to Amy for not being there for her, and as Amy stirs and opens her eyes, it almost appears that she is reaching out to Andrea for an embrace, but she’s not. She is reaching out as a walker. Andrea finds some inner strength and grabs for some redemption by declaring to Amy, “I wasn’t here before, but I am here now….” She shoots Amy in the head and with that gives her peace.

Like Andrea, Rosita is full of regret for failing a loved one. Many fans have wondered why Sasha and Rosita are so determined to kill Negan on their own. Why can’t they wait? This episode gives us the answer when Rosita bared her soul to Sasha. Audiences got to know more about this angry and haunted lady. Her life was mostly about survival, using her sexuality and street smarts to learn from men how to survive, and then she moved on. Abraham was going to be one of those men, but she fell in love. And she loved him enough to be happy he found love with Sasha. Her biggest regret is making the mistake of believing that she had time to tell him. The hard feelings between the two finally melt away. The two women make peace, and whether they know it or not, they honored Abraham by making peace.

They continue on their mission for revenge, but Sasha blocks Rosita from getting into the sanctuary. Before she leaves, she tells Rosita, “It’s not your time. They need you.” In whispering this to Sasha, she is telling Rosita that it is not her responsibility to avenge Abraham. It’s hers. Thus, she frees her of the weight of guilt she has had for so long. It’s in saving Rosita that she honors Abraham’s life. What happens next remains to be seen. We can be sure it will be bloody, painful and tearful. It’s nice that these ladies in mourning found some solace in each other.

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