Predator: Hunter #1 Review: Possibilities Galore, But Nothing Special

The greatest hunters in the universe are the Predators. Since the first movie, there have been many stories that showcase what they can do and how each group managed to beat them. However, what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? That what comic book writer Chris Warner thought and created “Predator: Hunter” with art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Lettering by Michael Heisler. The first issue isn’t anything too special.

A group of people who have had some kind of contact with a Predator decide to join forces to go and hunt Predators. These people include the great-granddaughter of Captain Edward Soames, an Afghanistan War vet, a drug trafficker and a soldier turned gas station attendant.

That’s essentially the entire first issue. We get a flashback, they crew get the gas station attendant and they introduce each other. There really isn’t much to say here except the only interesting character so far is Soames’ great-granddaughter.

Of course, the idea of a Predator being the hunted is a novel one. There is so much that can be done and it would be interesting as to what Warner has in mind. There’s also the fact that Predators have all these crazy abilities (invisibility for one) and how these characters can overcome that should be worth a watch.

Velasco’s art is the highlight of the comic. The character designs look great and the backgrounds are alive and well. The best part is the Predator. If you want to see how to properly draw a Predator, look no further than this comic as it looks as scary, disgusting and awesome as any fan want to see it drawn.

While the art is fantastic, the first issue just feels so generic and makes the reader wanting more. However, “Predator: Hunter” does have a great premise that should hit the ground running once the next issues are released.

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