Review Fix Exclusive: Super American’s Pat Feeley Talks ‘Disposable’ And More

Review Fix chats wth Super American’s Pat Feeley who discusses the band’s new album “Disposable,” as well as their creative process and goals for the future.

Review Fix: How’d you guys get together?

Pat Feeley: I wanted to work with Matt and I offered to produce their next album. We worked on his songs for a month or so and the project just gradually morphed into a collaboration between the two of us.

Review Fix: What is band different?

Feeley: It’s extremely collaborative. I don’t think my ideas would turn out the same without Matt and vice versa. We also carry pineapples with us to social events and take pictures of it so that’s a little different.

Review Fix: How was this album born?

Feeley: We just shacked up in a practice space, stripping down, writing, and rewriting ideas until we were satisfied. I tried to guide him as intuitively and as best I could while adding ideas when necessary. Matt had studio time booked with Jay Zubricky and we only had 3-4 ideas we thought were ready by the week before. So at the last second we added a few of my songs to fill out an album. That’s how it became the two headed monster it is now.

Review Fix: What was the creation of this album like?

Feeley: It was really exciting at times. It was really satisfying to be comfortable and confident in my work for once.

Review Fix: Any fun stories or wild moments?

Feeley: Plenty. Matt lost his phone 15-16 times. He let his van battery die eight times from leaving the lights on in broad daylight.  He left his tab open in the pink so many times that he’s not allowed back. Also some kid “ran into his fist” that was also holding a glass of whiskey ginger. That kid took an ambulance and took a snapchat of it. I didn’t kiss a girl for around 5 months, and the one girl I tried to was a good friend and she said “no.”

Review Fix: Why is this album a special one for you guys?

Feeley: It’s very special because it’s actually going to come out. For a while I thought it’d never see the light of day. It’s special because I’ve heard a bunch of people say they really like it and it’s not even out yet. That feels good. It’s special because it should give us the opportunity to make another one.

Review Fix: How does this album disrupt the musical landscape?

Feeley: I find that we don’t fit in with any scene. We’re too poppy and not cool enough to be indie. But, we’re too cool to be pop punk. I don’t know. Does that make sense? We’re inspired by a vast array of things musically and visually. We definitely don’t take being a “band dude” seriously and we don’t model ourselves after any modern act, I think that will be disruptive in a sense. This album also sets us up to make something weirder and better. I don’t think this is our best work yet.

Review Fix: Who will enjoy this album the most?

Feeley: The real ones.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the album?

Feeley: Find an audience we can continue to grow with. Take advantage of this opportunity for our art to be out in the world.

Review Fix: What song is the standout on this album? Why?

Feeley: I think Feeling Better stands out, only because most of my friends complimented it. And because it’s got a smacking chorus and good pop songwriting. It will probably be my last song with big guitars. It will be the next single.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Feeley: We’re already working on our next album, POOLHOUSE ROCK.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Feeley: Welcome to the Year of the Pineapple where Outback is the new Chilis and all your dreams come true.

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