Deer God Review: Homeward Bound Meets Out of This World

An ode to games the likes of Out of This World and Flashback, powered by visuals made sexy again thanks to Miami Hotline, Deer God is an interesting platformer that invests the gamers with choices and skills. 

After your killed by a pack of wolves while trying to hunt deer, the Deer God himself forces you to live as a deer. Utilizing the friendly and aggressive people around you, as well as animals, you make the most of your new existence. Like Liam Neeson from Taken, you start with a “certain skills.” As time goes on however, your deer grows larger and you can jump farther. Your attacks eventually deliver more damage as well. Feeling like a side-scrolling Temple Run at times, the game can move pretty fast as times. If you haven’t acquired the proper skills, it could get quite difficult. 

While there are side quests in Deer Hunter, the straight-ahead run through the game is where most of the venison is. It’s an enjoyable romp, even if it doesn’t stretch the genre or force you to think much. Simple and accessible, in spite of some mature language and content, it’s a great game for novices and kiddies to jump right into. Even older and more experienced gamers will like the solid gameplay and be able to take it for what it is, a quick adventure that tells a nice story and grabs you a few times lightly during your time together. 

Although available on the Vita, the definitive version is on the PlayStation 4. Simply put, the pixelated sprites don’t have the same staying power on the smaller screen. Regardless, those looking for something new on the Vita could find Deer Hunter a good low-risk, high-reward experience of Sony’s fledgling handheld. 

Thanks to simple gameplay and an engine that thrives in spite of a pretty linear story, Deer Hunter is a nifty little title that manages to entertain in short bursts. 

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