Review Fix Exclusive: Bordeen’s Ryan Bordihn Talks ‘Trouble Making’ And More

Review Fix chats with Bordeen’s Ryan Bordihn, who discusses the band’s new music video and goals for 2017.

Review Fix: How’d you guys get together?

Ryan Bordihn: We are siblings!  So, we’ve always been able to jam together and play music – it was a natural fit for us to form a band.

Review Fix: What is band different?

Bordihn: I think what makes us different, besides being a sibling band, is that we are an Indie Crossover band that can be pop and alt rock at the same time.  We are also Canadian and that is a special thing about us!

Review Fix: What was the creation of this album like?

Bordihn: It was a process that took over a year and is a collection of songs that asks questions and comments on the places we had been during that time, the people we were around and what was happening in the world.  It represents some older moments and some newer moments.  We ended up calling it Stiver, after the street that we grew up on.

Review Fix: Any fun stories or wild moments?

Bordihn: We were in an old art warehouse when we were recording and since we’d be there numerous days we brought a lot of food with us to keep there – like snacks and stuff.  One afternoon we came in and all our snacks were opened/gone.  There was supposedly a rat problem in the building that we weren’t told about.  Those rats had great food during the time we were there.

Review Fix: Why is this album a special one for you guys?

Bordihn: I think it’s the first recording where we went into the studio and we were as honest as we’ve ever been musically.  We decided to go into this project letting our own sound come through rather than try to add elements to that we thought others would want to hear, and we weren’t trying to be anyone else or any other band.

Review Fix: How does this album disrupt the musical landscape?

Bordihn: Disrupting the musical landscape is a difficult task especially as an Indie Artist.  I think that this album is honest and represents something authentic that I think people will connect with.

Review Fix: Who will enjoy this album the most?

Bordihn: I think there’s something here for everyone. Anyone who questions life and thinks about what is happening around them would find something in our songwriting and music.  That’s not to say there aren’t lighter elements to our songs.  We want our music to meet people where they are, so wherever you are; whether you are questioning things or just driving down the road having a good day – this music hopefully enhances that experience for people.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the album?

Bordihn: We want to reach as many people as we can with these songs.  They are songs that we believe in and we want people to have them and take this music with them where they are.  We’d love for this music to take us on a journey, to bring us more opportunities to connect with people and be a bigger part of where Indie music is now and where it’s heading.

Review Fix: What song is the standout on this album? Why?

Bordihn: Obviously we love Ocean Tide – that really sums up what the record as a whole is about – a longing to be in charge of the craziness of life spinning around you but then realizing it’s ok to not be in control – and to go with the rhythm of life for a while and relax as you are part of life all around you.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Bordihn: We are writing, ready to tour this album, and looking forward to being a bigger part of the music scene across Canada.

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