Bankshot #1 Review: Awesome

Terrorist, hero. Friend, foe. Terms used to describe people. Of course, there are times when there’s a gray area and even when that person is both. That’s the major theme in the comic “Bankshot” by Alex de Campi with art by Chriscross and colors by Snakebite Cortez. The first issue is a great start.

Marcus King (may or may not be his real name) is an assassin for hire who is either viewed as a terrorist or hero depending on who you ask. He is sent to Northern Africa to take care of a corrupt leader. It doesn’t go so well as everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Whether a character is good, bad or neither is always an interesting story if done properly. De Campi manages to create a story that has an interesting character and, best yet, the reader likes the character and want to see him succeed.

The comic advertises itself as a lot of stuff blowing up. That promise is there is full swing. First major battle and there are a ton of military trucks getting blown up and being thrown here and there.

This is helped by the excellent art. That battle scene will make the reader’s blood pumping and the way everything is blowing up shows off Chriscross’s ability to make something like that amazing. That’s not the say he skimped on the character designs. They look about as realistic as they can get. Cortez’s coloring brings it all into a nice package. The colors both look lively and gritty when they need to be. Again, this comes out the most during that one battle scene.

The first issue of “Bankshot” has a great plot with great art. This is a comic that will please readers in all areas and it does make readers want to see what happens in the next four issues.

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