Infinite Seven Review: Mediocre

Practically every media has some kind of team of expert assassins. Of course, there does come a time when someone who has no business being in the team becomes one by accident and that person finds it too much to handle. That’s the case with “Infinite Seven” by Dave Dwonch with art by Arturo Mesa and colors by Geraldo Filho and it’s an underwhelming bore.

Anthony “Tony” Zane is just a normal teenager who just wants to date the girl he likes and play video games. Too bad he accidentally killed a member of the “Infinite 7” which causes Tony by default to become a member of the team. Of course, since he has no combat experience, Tony is way over his head.

It’s a plot that’s been used before and here it hits all the usual points. The kid is over his head, the team acts like a bunch of jerks to the kid, a team is made up of overused tropes. It’s all there. There really isn’t much to the story. It seems to just pad along with what it has, checking all the boxes as it plods along.

This wouldn’t be a problem if only the characters were in any way interesting. Sadly, they all are boring as anything. Tony is supposed to be the character that the reader grabs on to, but it’s hard to do when the character isn’t all that interesting.

That’s not to say the story’s horrible. There is some thought put into the plot and writing, but, sadly, it just comes off as OK.

The art also falls into the decent category. The character designs are decent enough, though nothing that stands out too much. The action in the comic is competently drawn and does the job well. Again, nothing much to say except it’s fine.

“Infinite Seven” isn’t anything worth raving about due to how generic it is. The characters, story and art are all mediocre with little to keep the interest of the reader. You can do worse, but then again you can do better.

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