Top 10 Must Watch Horror Movies

A girl hears a sound from the door to her right. With her heart beating faster than a millisecond, she slowly walks toward the door and reaches for the doorknob. As she opens the door, a loud, piercing sound along with her scream erupts through the living room. A couple sitting on the couch scream along with the girl, sharing the girls alarm and fear. If you’re looking for a good horror movie to watch while cuddled up on the couch or bed, here’s a list of the top 10 must watch horror movies.

10: Scream (1996)

The 1996 slasher horror film that was directed by the famous Wes Craven, tells the story of a teenage girl named Sidney Prescott, whose mother was brutally murdered. A year later, there’s a new killer whose after Sidney and anyone they could get their hands on by using horror movies to play a malicious game. At the time of its release, it was one of the highest grossing slasher films in the U.S and changed the face of horror movies.

9: Christine (1983)

Based on the novel by Stephen King, this film tells the story of Arnie Cunningham, an unpopular nerd that buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. He slowly starts to develop an harmful obsession with the car, who possesses a sinister mind of its own. Despite the mixed reviews, it has become a cult classic.

8: Friday the 13th (1980)

This slasher film is the first film in the Friday the 13th franchise. It tells the story of a group of camp counselors who are going to reopen the camp of Crystal Lake. One by one, they’re murdered by an unknown killer. The camp closed because a child fatally drowned in the summer of 1958. The child’s name was Jason Voorhees. At the time of the movie’s release, it received negative reviews. But, over the years it became a classic horror film.

7: The Evil Dead (1981)

This paranormal horror film centers around five college students who rent an isolated cabin in the woods for a vacation. They discover an audio tape that recites the Book of the Dead, which allows evil spirits to possess human bodies. Each member of the group come subject to demon possession. This film is known to be one of the largest cult films and one of the greatest horror movies of all time. It received positive reviews in both the U.S and worldwide.

6: The Shining (1980)

Based on the novel by Stephen King that bears the same name, is a thriller film that is widely known as one of the greatest horror movies ever made. It follows a writer, Jacob Torrence, who is going to a job interview to become the new winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. It’s a hotel that’s located in the remote area in the mountains. With getting the job, he goes up there with his son and wife, despite the gruesome history behind the hotel. He hopes to get some writing done, which he hasn’t been able to do lately. While his son Danny possesses psychic powers known as shining. It allows him to see the past and predict future events before they happen. Supernatural events take place at the hotel and contributes to Jacob’s downward spiral.

5: Saw (2004)

Saw is a crime/thriller film that was released in 2004. It’s the first film in the Saw franchise and become one of the most profitable horror movies since the movie Scream, which was released in 1996. A photographer named Adam Stanheight and an Oncologist named Lawrence Gordon wake up in a room together with their ankles handcuffed to a pipe. They soon discover that they’ve been kidnapped by the psychopathic serial killer known as Jigsaw. He uses puzzles to play with his victims and both men are forced to play his sadistic game.

4: The Exorcist (1973)

Based on the 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty, this horror film tells the story of a 12 year old girl that becomes possessed by a demonic spirit. Desperate to save her daughter, the mother seeks help from two priests. This film became one of the highest grossing films in history and was the first horror movie to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

3: Suspiria (1977)

Suspiria is a 1977 Italian horror film that tells the story of an American ballet student who enters the prestigious dance academy in Germany. With the mysterious deaths of some students and staff, she soon discovers that there’s far more dark and sinister secrets hidden within the school walls.

2: Psycho (1960)

Based on the 1959 novel by Robert Bloch, this psychological film focuses on Marion Crane, a secretary that steals $40,000 from a client and goes on the run. She ends up at the secluded motel known as the Bates Motel, which is run by a young man named Norman Bates. He lives with his mother in a house not too far from the motel, where they share an unhealthy bond. It’s seen as one of the films that spawned the slasher genre.

1: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The 1974 horror film follows Sally, her brother Franklin and three other friends on a trip to their grandfather’s grave to follow up on a grave robbing report. They soon encounter a family of psychopathic cannibals and the terrifying, murderous figure known as Leatherface, who carries a chainsaw. Even though the movie claims to be based on true events, the events that happened in the film where fictional. But, Leatherface’s character was based on the real life killer known as Ed Gein.

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