Best Settings for Visual Boy Advance Emulator to Play Anytime You Want

Looking for a brief and simple tutorial how to emulate Game Boy Advance entertainment on your computer or laptop for free? We’re going to explain a setup process of a software emulator on Windows, so you can play around with all of the Game Boy Advanced ROMS at home.

Some of the most popular emulators for Game Boy Advanced are too old or too hard to run on modern computers. What we recommend is to choose the most universal and common variant – visual boy advance, suitable for all Windows platforms and which doesn’t require specialized file types to run properly.

How to Set Up Game Boy Advance Emulators

First of all, open the link and download the software on your computer to wherever you typically save your downloads to. Now, go to the download folder and take the visual boy exe to its own folder. This will ease the running of the program in future. Run it. For further installation, you will need a Game Boy Advance ROM file. Take that file and drop it onto the open visual boy advance screen. The entertainment window appears. On the top of that windows, you can see percentages, which inform you how fast the entertainment is running at the moment.

You can optimize the entertainment in several ways. First of all, go to File-Save. Here you can save game states, so that you can return to the concrete moment of the entertainment in the future. Secondly, you can pause or reset the game anytime you want it. There are also screen capture, import code, sound, and vsync options of the entertainment.

If you have a slow computer, it is better to go with the fastest settings. This will make the entertainment process more convenient and stable. In the Options-Emulator window make sure that the following settings are on: synchronize, automatic IPS patching, real time clock, PNG format, and Save Type – Automatic plus Flash 128K. Here you can also choose a preferred language.

The game window has additional cheat option for those who want to use cheats in the entertainment. Unfortunately, the cheats are not included. So, if you want them, you should search on the Internet by yourself.


That’s pretty much all of the settings you need to install an emulator successfully. Now you can go directly to the entertainment and test your playing skills. The next steps will be the same as the typical console has. Do you remember them from childhood?

The main requirements for the emulator are Windows platform and 630 KB of free space. Everything is very simple and easy.

Don’t afraid that your computer can be too weak or too powerful for this emulator. Game Boy Advance is an old enough console that pretty much any computer can run it without a problem.

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