Black Horse Motel ‘Parable’ EP Review: A Solid Piece of Alternative Folk

The Philadelphia-based alternative folk band Black Horse Motel is able to break a plethora of folk stereotypes in their new EP Parable thanks to smooth lyrics and deep sound. Parable is a five-song EP that is able to catch your attention throughout, without any slowdown or wasted time.

Run, Rabbit, Run is the first song of the EP and it is able to captivate its audience with fast-paced riffs from the guitar, hard pounding drums, and emotionally induced lyrics.

Compared to the first tracks, Bones is noticeably slower than Run Rabbit Run and has a different feel to it, particularly of old-timey Americana genre, but Bones is more that. Black Horse Motel is able to make it work with a smoother tempo and emotional lyrics based on alcoholism and child abuse. With mesmerizing and harmonized vocals, Bones is able to be a hit to the EP.

Where The Money Comes From is exactly what you pay for in this album, the track is a perfect mixture of harmonizing duets and instrumental from the guitar, cello, drums, and violin. Throughout the song, you will be clapping and singing the insanely catchy hook.

Take it Back is the penultimate song of the EP, and it is worth the wait to listen to. The lyrics and instrumental aspects of the song are enough for the listeners to give thought to their life, to think of their future or reflect on their past. Throughout the song, the music itself gives of intensity as raves off an emotional performance from the band.

Dear Mama is the last track of the album and easily is just as the great as the others as it is able to combine the genres of folk, country, rock and even pop into one song. Similar to a song you would you find in a Southern hoedown, you will be jamming to this song by dancing your feet off or for the non-dancing types, you will be bopping your head to it. Dear Mama ends the Parable with a bang and satisfaction sensation to the listen.

Although the band is an alternative folk outfit from Philadelphia, their performance in Parable gives them more of an authentic Southern Gothic folk/country sound. With only five tracks, Parable dealt with hard-hitting and emotional topics such as alcoholism, child abuse, parental suicide and even economic desperation, however, it enough to keep you attached for the whole ride. Parable is perfect for anyone that is just getting into the genre of folk or country music, and along the way and looking through the Internet, listeners could find interest in other musicians such as Bob Dylan, The Eagles Don McLean and even Fleetwood Mac.

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