Ninjak Shadowman: Rapture Review: Check Yourself

You need to recognize your enemy, particularly when they’re manipulating you. But, Jack Boniface has been through a lot and he’s at the point where he’ll do whatever it takes to rid himself of his loa. Meanwhile Ninjak, alongside Punk Mambo (who happens to be able to control her loa), a geomancer from the future and a warrior-king with a solid rep are trying to get to Babel before he makes his way over to the ‘Liveside.’

Babel relays his story to Boniface. His journey is one of rejection. It will remind you of Victor Frankenstein’s monster. The creature with no name, who was built with dead body parts and brought to life through scientific means was rejected from his first breath. But Babel doesn’t even know who to blame for his being in this world or why he was cast out. He learns to accumulate power by having others who’ve also been rejected follow him. The one thing he conveniently leaves out is why he’s imprisoned in the first place. Matt Kindt in ‘Ninjak Shadowman: Rapture’ hides a broken man within an adventure story.

Jack Boniface is tired. He’s been manipulated ever since he inherited his loa and became Shadowman. While his life wasn’t great before at least it was his own. And having never properly learned to use the skills of his ancestors, he’s been ill prepared to fight the evils of his hometown. This made him primed to be used by everyone from Toyo Harada to MI6. What’s worse Boniface has never accepted or understood the powers of the supernatural. He would allow the Shadowman to take over while he attempted to hold the reins. Believing that he could control a spirit whose prime directive is to annihilate the enemy (whomever it may be) is the major mistake that burdened him. Now he’s being handled again by someone more skilled than Project Rising Spirit. The thing is when you’re as demoralized as Boniface you tend to forget to ask the important questions. If Babel is so powerful, why is he trying to make deals with someone, who at one time was called Magpie? Still, what’s being offered is tempting. And Babel has a way with words as it’s illustrated in the second issue. Kindt has Babel speak as if several languages are swirling in his head. Each panel is narrated visually as well as with words. It forces you to pay attention to what is being said.

How will the team get out of this – not well. Ninjak and his squad are battling something they don’t clearly understand. Babel is holding a lot back and Boniface is the key to defeating a threat to both the Dead and Live sides. If only he could battle his inner demons and accept that he can’t give away his birthright.

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