Smackdown Live Power Rankings: Unresolved Issues

Superstars the likes of Naomi Knight and Shinsuke Nakamura wanted retribution on their enemies after their SummerSlam losses. Check out which other competitor redeemed themselves in this week’s Smackdown Live Power Rankings.

Honorable Mention: Bobby Roode: Although he captured attention from the WWE universe with his impressive debut, the Glorious One promised to prove that he deserves to compete against the best on Smackdown.

5: AJ Styles: He doesn’t want any special treatment and since he continues to hold on to his United States title, the Phenomenal One is prepared to face any challenger.

4: Mojo Rowley and Zack Ryder: With this team back together, they’ve developed a more dominant in-ring strategy. They’re motivated to wear gold.

3: Jimmy and Jay Uso: Their plan is to crush the competition in the tag team division since they’ve reclaimed the Smackdown Tag Team titles.

2: Naomi Knight: She didn’t forget about her match this past Sunday as Naomi reminded Natalya that she’s ready for a Smackdown Women’s title opportunity after she pinned Carmella.

1: Shinsuke Nakamura: He showed everyone that he has the ability to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion when the King of Strong Style brawled with Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers on Smackdown.

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